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Unsurprisingly, the most searched thing on Google is ‘Youtube’. Because it has made the first place for itself on YouTube for the last many years, as you all know, the owner of YouTube is Google. Therefore, it is the most searched search engine after Google, which has now become the most searched on Google in 2023 in India. If you want to increase Instagram users and the success of your account, that is, you want to increase your IG followers. So you just have to buy Instagram followers India service in your account, which helps increase followers as per your wish.

We have tried to explain the keywords highlighted so far in top Google searches 2023 with the help of fresh infographics from FollowerBar, in which you will get to see information about top 100 Google searches in 2023. So now you don’t need to worry about it.

Using this real-user data, we see which keywords impact Google most. Currently, they are getting maximum traffic on their platform and site.

Our social media expert team has prepared an infographic of the most searched keywords on Google worldwide. And among all these, the site receiving the most traffic has also been revealed, we have done a lot of research to explain to you correctly the most searched thing on Google in 2023.

Top 100 Most Searched Thing On Google In 2023

# Search Terms Monthly Search Volume Total Traffic
1 YouTube 338.94M 2.3B
2 Facebook 251.39M 1.07B
3 PornHub 190.11M 159.76M
4 Weather 153.85M 45.94M
5 Amazon 147.38M 397.90M
6 Translate 134.88M 11.77M
7 Xvideos 126.27M 89.77M
8 Gmail 112.76M 171.88M
9 Google Translate 110.71M 23.71M
10 WhatsApp Web 105.46M 1,008.69M
11 NBA 101.72M 18.12M
12 Instagram 99.86M 313.52M
13 XNXX 92.66M 56.04M
14 Twitter 91.77M 275.52M
15 Traductor 90.18M 3.92M
16 Google 80.75M 141.93M
17 ChatGPT 73.28M 323.04M
18 Porn 64.94M 39.47M
19 Premier League 58.83M 3.98M
20 Google Maps 56.99M 76.43M
21 Netflix 50.90M 442.38M
22 Hotmail 48.11M 331.90M
23 IPL 47.15M 1.14M
24 Chat GPT 45.39M 183.40M
25 Maps 44.53M 66.03M
26 Xhamster 43.22M 84.37M
27 Wordle 42.73M 85.18M
28 Serie a 42.17M 2.36M
29 Speed Test 37.94M 333,103
30 Porno 37.62M 14.45M
31 Yahoo Mail 37.16M 241.11M
32 NFL 36.86M 6.13M
33 переводчик 36.64M 6.21M
34 Yahoo 34.79M 287.54M
35 Roblox 34.30M 456.47M
36 Ebay 34.01M 108.11M
37 World Cup 33.69M 675,145
38 FB 32.91M 192.98M
39 XXX 31.32M 7.75M
40 Yt 30.94M 276.99M
41 Pinterest 30.50M 94.58M
42 Tradutor 30.30M 14.89M
43 Pogoda 30.04M 128,410
44 Wetter 30.01M 145,606
45 Chaturbate 29.67M 56.68M
46 Shein 29.53M 126,593
47 Xvideo 29.06M 26.90M
48 Real Madrid 28.90M 1.76M
49 погода 28.47M 3.20M
50 SpankBang 28.32M 32.31M
51 C 28.11M 26.25M
52 WhatsApp 26.48M 228.20M
53 Canva 26.37M 280.95M
54 Clima 26.23M 698,869
55 News 25.77M 21.60M
56 Bet365 25.51M 7,703
57 Linkedin 25.45M 143.53M
58 Calculator 25.10M 37,765
59 Champions League 24.62M 2.46M
60 UFC 24.36M 1.53M
61 Outlook 24.04M 216.26M
62 TikTok 23.88M 132.57M
63 Meteo 23.85M 203,720
64 Indeed 23.69M 135.62M
65 Twitch 23.14M 112.61M
66 Google Docs 22.36M 18.72M
67 Manchester United 21.99M 1.27M
68 BBC News 21.96M 65.37M
69 Onlyfans 21.94M 120,261
70 PSG 21.52M 1.34M
71 Reddit 21.46M 42.70M
72 Aliexpress 21.38M 86.29M
73 Flamengo 21.37M 2.53M
74 Arsenal 21.33M 2.27M
75 Lakers 21.20M 3.12M
76 EPL 21.07M 1.44M
77 Walmart 21.02M 64.79M
78 Airbnb 20.72M 118,763
79 Ind vs Aus 20.62M 477,279
80 Spotify 20.51M 135.70M
81 Speedtest 20.48M 73,829
82 Liverpool 20.16M 916,913
83 ikea 19.85M 18,735
84 Google Drive 19.77M 22.01M
85 Paypal 19.67M 121.42M
86 Google Flights 19.35M 6.23M
87 Movierulz 19.28M 552
88 Amazon Prime 18.97M 45.78M
89 ютуб 18.68M 200.06M
90 Facbook login 18.52M 54.46M
91 H 18.20M 19,869
92 Home Depot 18.19M 24,426
93 天気 18.09M 1.80M
94 Porn Hub 17.67M 13.19M
95 çeviri 17.54M 419,903
96 Bundesliga 17.43M 388,417
97 Traduttore 17.35M 34,681
98 Traduction 17.17M 206,762
99 Omegle 17.13M 3,891
100 Hentai 17.13M 4.18M

Essential Statistics Regarding The World’s Most Popular Keywords:


  • YouTube is in the first position as the most searched thing on Google in 2023. It is the most searched keyword on Google with 3 billion total searches and 2.2 billion, overtaking Facebook to take the first position.


  • Not surprisingly, ChatGPT was launched in late 2022 and gained so much popularity that it jumped from the 64th to the 17th most searched thing on Google worldwide in 2023.


  • Sports is also not lagging in our list, the NBA is included in top Google searches 2023 at number 11 with 915 million. After this, the Premier League is at 19th position, and the NFL is at 32nd position.


  • If you are looking for the most searched thing on Google 2023, it takes you to four Google-owned sites from Google Search. i.e. YouTube, Google Translate (x2 search), and Gmail.


  • Google apps dominate the top 100, with prominent placements such as Google Maps at 20th, Google Docs at 66, Google Drive at 84, and Google Flights at 86.


  • Gmail is in the top 10 in January 2023. Other email providers compete with ‘Hotmail’ at 22nd and ‘Yahoo Mail’ at 31st (more popular than ‘Yahoo’ at 34), which is a huge success.


  • Three of the top 20 search queries drive users to social media giant Meta, formerly known as Facebook: Meta (formerly Facebook) is in second place, while WhatsApp Web and Instagram are in 10th and 12th place, respectively.


  • Amazon has taken the 5th position, presumably claiming its dominance in the e-commerce sector, while eBay is at 36th and Shein is at 46th.

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