You should know that without engagement in the world of marketing, you are nothing. When someone thinks of marketing, then he moves towards Instagram. Because most of the social media influencers are definitely on Instagram, so Instagram is our first choice.

Fake followers on Instagram can be a threat to your profile, which bothers you in every way. Fake engagement on Instagram news is surfacing in the market so we have to use some good resources to find out the malpractice in our Instagram profile. So that you can remove fake things from your profile.

I have used these methods myself, so now you know how to identify fake followers and engagement. I will teach you this article, and we are requested to read it completely.

#1 There’s consistent engagement

You may find it strange that constant association can be bad for an influential person. But you can open an Influencer page yourself and see the average of likes and comments of their first 15 to 20 posts.

You must know that high-resolution, bright selfies and photos with dogs or kids all earn more likes and comments on Instagram. It’s a fact. Apart from this, the Instagram algorithm favours high-quality images more, due to which this post earns more reach and engagement.

Each of your Instagram posts has a different appeal, depending on which engagement you want. But similar continuous engagement indicates that some other activity is happening in your profile, which is not suitable for your profile.

Fake followers can help increase your engagement initially, but later they can also become a problem for you. That’s why you should resort to organic things from the beginning.

#2 There’s some ‘Instagram podding’ going on

Instagram podding is a trick in which many influential people form a group, which they participate in the Direct Message (DM) group when one of the group members posts. So they send that post to the group through DM, and all the people in the group start liking and commenting. You should know that these influencer accounts are in different Instagram ‘pods’ so that they earn more likes and comments as soon as possible.

We should avoid working with influential people because they use different methods to bring fake followers and engagements towards themselves. However, check with the influencer first if you want to work for your brand and business.

#3 You spot lots of ‘spammy’ comments

You must have seen many such comments on Instagram, which are actually spammy and bots. And you will see this comment on the posts of most influencers accounts.

Bots ‘comment’ sometimes become smart enough to be ready to comment on those things. This actually has something to do with what is happening in the post.

You will be surprised to know that some bot accounts actually look like real people. However, these accounts are those which were added within a short period. So before working with an influencer, check out their latest 10 posts, and find out what engagement they are getting. It’s from real people.

#4 An inconsistent ratio of views, likes, and comments

I have already told you that frequent engagement can signify fake followers and engagement. But now I’m telling you, inconsistent engagement can also signify fake followers. Yes, it is true!

Many influencers on Instagram grow themselves by taking fake followers and engagements. We should avoid these things, and any organic Instagram account will want to work with those people. Ones with real people and healthy engagement posts their audience is interested in.

The disproportionate ratio of views, likes, and comments indicates fake followers and engagements of any influencer, as this is being found to be the most. However, we should avoid all these things as much as possible.


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