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Are you struggling to boost your reach? Use these 5 proven strategies to attract people with your Instagram content.

Instagram reach is one of the most important and overlooked metrics for any account. It shows you how well your content is performing. If you are posting something and you are not getting views, then what is the reason?

We are going to tell you how to increase your reach on Instagram using proven strategies that will always work on your Instagram account.

You want your followers, and others, to:

  • Promote you
  • Share your content
  • Engage with your content

But if the reach of your account and content is low, then you don’t have a chance to achieve any of these goals. Let’s change that.

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What Is Instagram Reach?

Understanding dozens of metrics and jargon is essential to becoming an expert on social media. Your content’s reach is the total number of views it gets.

If you post on Instagram, you can use Instagram Insights to analyze:

  • Accounts reached by followers
  • Accounts reached by non-followers

Why Does Reach Matter?

Did you know Instagram recently wrote a blog post on how to increase reach on their platform? Although their suggestions weren’t that great, they also gave information about their algorithm. Reach is a tool used by the platform to indicate to followers and non-followers alike that someone recommended your content by the algorithm.

Otherwise, if your reach is 100k rather than 10k, you have ten times as many potential customers.

  • Follow you
  • Share your posts
  • Like your content
  • Comment on your posts

Instagram Reach acts like an ad on your post. It shows up to the same people, and then they decide what they want to do next, like following you.

If your reach is high, people will see your content on the Explore page or in their Feeds. They may also view your Reels or Stories, which is exactly what you want.

Recall the last individual you followed. What initially drew your attention to their content and profile? You were exposed to their content.

5 Actionable Strategies To Increase Your Reach On Instagram

I’ll be honest: you will be satisfied with all these proven strategies. We advise you to take your time implementing each suggestion, as you will eventually notice an increase in your Reach.

Playing Instagram well is a long-term strategy.

1. Write Captions That Engage Viewers After the Hook

You might know that videos need captions. However, to engage the audience and encourage them to watch our content, we should add captions after a hook in our videos. If you use quirky, attention-grabbing captions, a viewer’s attention will be piqued, and they will watch your Reel or video for longer.

However, you can also add captions, which are essentially text descriptions, to your:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Carousels
  • Anything

2. Add Trending Audio to Your Videos and Reels

We’ve covered trending audio extensively in our guides. Instagram users have an addiction to good music; they’ll even look for specific songs that users are using and watch their reels just for that reason.

These audiophiles will increase your reach, and a good number of them will become followers.

We recommend:

  • Accessing your personal account
  • Using the hamburger icon
  • Navigating to Creator insights and tools > Popular music

These instructions will allow you to view all of the most recent, popular audio that is available.

3. Create Conversation-Starting Videos

Videos and Reels are ideal for pressuring the audience to take any action. While you can always include a call-to-action in your captions, you cannot request engagement with images or carousels.

But reels and videos can increase your engagement (If your content has a high level of engagement, the algorithm will recommend it more) by doing this:

Ask People to Comment: Ask people questions in your reels. “And leave a comment below.” This will quickly start a conversation with your audience.

Offer Advice or Extensive Resources: When you offer some advice or extensive resources to the audience in a reel or post, they will engage with you to get it for free.

Create Relatable Content: To get your content shared more, use relatable, funny, or awe-inspiring content, which the Instagram audience shares with each other in large numbers.

If you want to increase your reach, your content needs to spark conversations. Make sure to give each video, reel, and caption a purpose.

4. Focus on the First 3 Seconds of Your Videos and Reels

The tactics we advise using to get one million views on reels are called hooks. Why? You need to include something so captivating in your video that people will want to watch it through to the end.

Could it be attractive?

It depends.

You could display the fruits of your fitness journey and then demonstrate to others how you got there. Alternatively, you could begin with the outcome—for example, a flat tire on a car and police by the side of the road—and then ask, “How did I get here?”

5. Tell a Story Through Your Carousel

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that carousels have a lot of power if you use multiple content forms (the next item on our list). It is highly recommended that you use your carousel to tell a complete story.

But how?

Though you can’t tell stories now, you can. If you start telling stories to expand your reach, people will start following you on Instagram and watching more of your content.

It would help if you started by:

  • Deciding on the carousel’s theme and objective.
  • Deciding on the beginning and ending of the story.
  • Give each section of your carousel a caption.

After creating your carousel and adding hashtags and captions, preview it to ensure it conveys the desired message. If possible, ask other people to look at the carousel and give you their thoughts.


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