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Should I Buy Instagram Followers? Learn the pros and cons of buying followers and how to find the best provider.

Gaining followers on Instagram seems easy to everyone, as the platform has 2.3 billion active users. However, while you are creating content that has not been made before, people may unfollow you. What can you do? Should you buy Instagram followers?

Purchasing followers has its:

  • Pros
  • Cons

Maybe you have never bought followers before, so you don’t know how to choose a genuine service provider.

We will also discuss the nuances of buy Instagram followers Indian as well as what to expect from this type of account investment.


  • Instant account credibility
  • Expands your online reach
  • May help you hit the Explore Page


  • Lower engagement is possible
  • Spam from low-quality services

What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

Companies are investing in buying followers on Instagram to grow their presence. Often, you’ll pay a higher price to buy Instagram ads directly, which is determined by the campaign objective.

But when you buy followers, you do so:

  • Off the platform
  • For much cheaper
  • With better results

Gaining more followers is something that brands and creators want to do because every follower can boost sales and engagement.

When you buy followers, a few things happen:

  • You’ve researched to ensure that the provider is a reputable business and have selected one you feel comfortable working with.
  • A follower package ranging from 100 to 100,000 followers will be your choice.
  • Give your desired Instagram account to followers; however, you are never required to divulge your login credentials.

Once you place an order, a genuine provider will start processing it. Our team starts processing the order immediately upon receiving your payment, but we will gradually deliver the followers to your profile so it looks as natural as possible.

Although buying genuine Instagram followers won’t get your account banned or penalized, you always want to ensure its growth doesn’t slow down.

Each social media provider has its internal processes, but most providers allow you to buy two tiers of followers. Premium accounts with higher follow tiers are active and can be up to twice the price of a non-premium account.

When you buy premium followers, you can be sure they are from genuine accounts with photos, engagement, and followers.

If you get followers from users with nothing on their profiles, it will look unnatural.

Additionally, purchasing solely from bots will decrease account engagement, which is undesirable if you intend to sell sponsored posts.

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5 Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

Are you thinking about buying Instagram followers? Here are five reasons to start buying followers for your profile today.

1. Gives You Instant Credibility

What comes to mind when you visit an Instagram account with few followers? Like most people, you probably think they don’t post anything interesting to watch or have a new account.

The truth is that your number of followers gives you credibility and motivation.

You would think that someone with a million or even 100k followers would post excellent content and be an authority in their industry, wouldn’t you? Obviously, there’s a purpose behind why people follow them.

When you buy Instagram followers, you give your account an instant boost and credibility.

2. May Help You Expand Your Reach

Buying followers on Instagram can also help you expand your reach on the platform, as a larger Instagram audience will see the content you post.

Instagram might be more inclined to suggest your posts to other users if you have a larger following and consistently publish high-quality content.

3. Possible to Get on the Explore Page

The more followers you have on Instagram and the higher your engagement rate, the more likely your content and profile appear on the Explore page.

Just bear in mind, though, that having more followers won’t guarantee that your content appears on the Explore page.

You don’t have to give up on high-quality content.

4. Affordable Way to Enhance Your Online Presence

Depending on the tactics you employ, improving your online visibility and presence can be costly and time-consuming. However, purchasing followers is a cheap and easy to increase your visibility.

Our Instagram followers packages are affordable, and you have peace of mind knowing you are getting genuine followers.

Other Instagram users will see an increase in your follower count as legitimacy. You must be an authority if you have a large following, right? Your online presence will grow organically as more people choose to click the “Follow” button.

5. You Can’t Get Banned for Buying

You don’t have to worry about getting banned when you buy genuine Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers is not illegal. But if you buy followers from bots and fake accounts, chances are you will:

  • Lose those followers since Instagram might delete their accounts.
  • Obtain a shadow ban if you have ghost followers.

However, since these accounts are active and have a post history, you don’t have to worry about either of these things when you buy real followers.

4 Concerns When Buying Instagram Followers

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying Instagram followers for the first time, including:

1. You Need to Make Your Profile Public

Making sure your profile is public is the first and most crucial step. All of the followers you buy will have to “request” to follow you if your profile is private. If you purchase hundreds or thousands of followers, you will have to deal with an inbox full of requests.

Most service providers, including us at FollowerBar, do not give followers to private accounts.

So, take a moment to ensure your profile is public before buying your Instagram followers.

2. Possible Drop in Engagement

You should also consider the possibility of an initial decline in your engagement rate when you buy followers. But your engagement rate will return to normal—if not higher—if you keep creating new content and interacting with your followers.

If there is a slight decline in your engagement, don’t panic—that’s normal. Just remember to stay consistent and release fresh content regularly.

3. Followers Do NOT Equal Great Content

Excellent content DOES NOT always equate to more followers. If you don’t actually continue to produce and publish high-quality content that your followers want to see, buying followers won’t have much of an impact on your account.

You must keep working to increase your account’s following after you have gained new ones.

4. Spam May Increase

Buying followers may increase spam to your account if you don’t select the right provider.

Selecting a reputable supplier is essential as it reduces the possibility of spam, as you will gain genuine followers from legitimate accounts. Spam from bots and phony accounts is more likely to occur.


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