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How to set up shop on instagram? If you have reached here searching for this, you have come to the right place. So, we will tell you how to sell on Instagram Shop, but before that, let us know a little more about this feature. Online Instagram shopping provides consumers with the opportunity to not only learn about new brands and products on the platform but also make purchases.

More than 200 million business accounts on Instagram, and over 90% of users follow them. Instagram Shop, launched in 2020, gained immense popularity. It allows businesses to set up Instagram Shops directly within the app. Instagram is a great way to promote businesses to online Instagram shopping users. It allows businesses to create an Instagram seller account and promote their products and services. Users can go beyond researching brands and purchasing through a simple process. So, in the article, we will tell you how to sell on Instagram Shop and How to set up shop on instagram. Now that you are familiar with Instagram Shop, without any further ado, let’s start with set up a store on Instagram step by step.

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Why Do We Need To Sell On Instagram?

As we all know, there is a massive audience on Instagram, and we instagram shops set up there. This will take the business to the next level. Social media lovers spend most of their time on Instagram. And during this time, they may also talk to your business.

Instagram is a vast social media networking platform where people connect through the process like images, videos and comments. It also provides features like Instagram Shop and Business Profile to improve the business experience. So, you can use Instagram Shop’s help to promote your offline business.

How do I set up an Instagram shop? The most important question. So we have given you complete information about it. This is a simple process; you can easily follow the steps to create an Instagram shop. You can run your Insta shop, upload catalogues and run ads as per your budget without any paid process.

How to set up shop on Instagram? Before this, let us know its further benefits. The most significant advantage of an Instagram seller account is highlighting your product image and its features. You can connect with more targeted customers and encourage them to buy the product. You can use Insta features Story and Live to attract wider attention. Can interact with customers one-on-one through replies and DMs. You can increase your brand awareness and get more leads through Insta advertising.

How To Set Up Shop On Instagram: 6 Simple Steps

How to Set up Instagram Shops? So you have to follow these steps. Following our step-by-step guide is easy, and you can set up an effective shop. Come on, let’s get started!

Step 1: Confirm Your Eligibility

Set up a shop on Instagram, make sure your business meets these Instagram eligibility requirements:

  1. The business is located in a supported market
  2. sells physical goods
  3. Complies with Instagram’s commerce policies
  4. The business has a website domain through which you will redirect the shop

Step 2: Switch To A Business Account

How to set up a store on Instagram? It is necessary to have a business account. If you have an Instagram account, switch it to a business account. When you have a business account, you will get more features to give relevant information about your business, like you can give website links, address contact information, etc.

Step 3: Link To Facebook Page

If we move to the next step on how to create Instagram shop, you have to connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page. Making online Instagram shopping effective requires linkage. Follow these steps to link to the Facebook page:

  1. First of all, you have to go to the business profile
  2. After that, click on Edit profile
  3. After scrolling down, the page option will appear in the “Public business information” section below.
  4. In the Page option, you can connect and create a new page.

Step 4: Follow Instagram Policies

Ensure you comply with Instagram’s commerce policies to set up an Instagram account for sale. You have carefully read the guidelines for how to sell products on Instagram. The guidelines precisely explain the types of products and the selling process.

Step 5: Now You Need To Upload The Catalogue

The next set up a shop on Instagram is to create a product catalogue and list the products. You can use Facebook Business Manager to upload a catalogue. You will have to give complete information about the product in the catalogue. Pictures from every angle of the product, complete information about price, variants and availability. When the user finds the information he needs in your catalogue, he is satisfied to buy the product. Therefore, try to give small information to the user, highlight special features separately and give complete details.

Step 6: Account Review

After uploading the catalogue, you must submit your account for review. So for this, you will have to follow these steps. First, go to your Instagram business profile and tap on Settings. Sign up to sell online Instagram Shopping. Then, follow the steps to submit a review. If you want to check your status after a review, go to “Shopping” in “Settings.” Your count is reviewed after a few days, but sometimes it takes a long time.

How To Sell On Instagram – FAQs

-When Was Instagram Shop launched?

In 2020

-Can You Sell Directly On Instagram?

Yes, you can quickly sell directly. Just upload the catalogue. People will then purchase using direct checkout.

-If My Business Doesn’t Have A Website Domain, Can I Sell It?

No, as per Instagram policy, you must have a website domain. With a website, you can sell something.

-How do I Set Up A Shop On Instagram?

You must upload the catalogue after switching your Instagram account to a business account. After that, you have to create shop posts and give product details.


How to set up a shop on Instagram? Following these 6 steps, you can set up an effective shop. Insta Shop is essential in improving the customer’s shopping experience and growing the business. To make your business profile more effective, you can Instagram followers buy India. If it is necessary to have more followers to make the business authentic, then you can take followers from Indian followers This is an instant process to boost your business profile. You should try.


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