Instagram Adds Polls In Comment Streams On Feed Posts And Reels

Do you know about poll updates in Instagram feed posts? This helps keep the audience engaged on your Instagram profile. By doing this, you can easily get new Instagram followers, after which you get to see more benefits in your account.

While Instagram is currently working on adding another engagement option, you can now easily share your polls in the comments with the option currently in testing with users.

Instagram Adds Polls In Comment Streams On Feed Posts And Reels

You should know that the new option will enable users to add interactive polls within comments on both feed posts and Reel clips, which may help you see your audience engage more on polls. By doing this, you can easily increase your Instagram followers, likes and views, making you more profit in your account. (Although you can already run polls in Stories and DMs.) but this new feature could send your account skyrocketing.

As you all know, Instagram always tests any update and new feature before implementing it, hence, this new option has been tested for the last six months. Some users have seen various initial iterations during testing.

You can add a poll option in YouTube community posts, which gives the audience more results. In the same way, polls have proved to be the most popular option among other forms and options; with this, you can easily take your audience’s opinion about your thoughts.

This option can be a great way for brands and creators to gather feedback and engage their audiences. This process helps you collect many interactions and gives a positive signal to the Instagram algorithm. Due to this, you get more benefits from it in your Instagram profile.

However, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri says this new option is available to some users as “a small test” and is not available to everyone yet. But Instagram CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said we will soon make this option available to all users.


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