YouTube Is Now Allowing Creators To Remove Community Guidelines Strikes

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However, YouTube has now announced a new policy that allows creators and educational training courses to remove warnings for Community Guideline violations.

This update marks an early instance where YouTube has instituted a similar process for removing warnings..

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  • YouTube now allows you to remove Community Guidelines strikes by having creators complete an educational training course.
  • After completion of this course, if there is no repeat violation for 90 days, the warning will be removed.
  • In this, YouTube maintains its three-strike approach; repeated violations can result in channel termination.

Here’s What’s Changing

YouTube now issues strikes against videos and channels that violate its community guidelines or contain spam, scams, violent/graphic content, and other violations of YouTube’s guidelines.

After receiving a YouTube strike, you may lose your channel’s ability to publish fully monetized videos. But if three strikes come simultaneously, then YouTube can terminate your channel.

YouTube recognizes that receiving strikes can be disruptive, especially for YouTube creators who rely on advertising revenue.

However, earlier, YouTube creators were warned about their channel’s lifetime. With the new system, content creators will now receive personalized warnings tailored to the specific policies they have violated.

This approach provides more opportunities for creators to understand why their content has crossed the threshold. What’s wrong with their content?

In YouTube Strikes, you get a warning for the first violation; after that, the creator can now take training courses. If they avoid violating the same policy again for 90 days, the warning will be removed from their channel.

More About The Training Courses

Each training course is designed to provide content creators with a clearer understanding of the types of content that violate YouTube’s policies.

For example, YouTube has guidelines against nudity and sexual content. However, the guidelines do not apply to educational content.

If a YouTube creator uploads a video about sexual health, doing so can cause trouble for him, which may violate YouTube’s guidelines if it doesn’t provide enough educational context.

According to YouTube’s updated policy, creators can undergo a course related to their violated guidelines.

YouTube Community Guidelines Unchanged

Even though these educational courses have been recently added, YouTube has stressed that it is not changing its community guidelines or the three-strike system.

Now, you will be surprised to hear that any content that violates YouTube’s policies will continue to be removed, and apart from this, creators who receive three strikes within 90 days will face termination.

If your content repeatedly violates YouTube’s policies, YouTube will spare it. No, even for creators who have completed the training course.

Individuals who repeatedly violate the guidelines may be banned from participating in future training programs.


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