Ever since Instagram Threads was launched, within a few hours, it was downloaded and used by 100 million users. And it has become the most famous social media platform in the social media race, which has been much talked about these days. It is working as a partner of Instagram. You can easily create a Threads profile from your Instagram profile and redirect it to Threads easily.

It is now available if you want to use Threads in the desktop version! Yes, you have heard it right: Meta Company has been working on this for a long time. So now it has been launched in the market as well, you can log in to and enjoy your desktop version.

Now that the desktop experience of Threads is proven to be great by users, it can give you an experience just like the desktop version of Instagram. So all you have to do is scroll through your feed, and Threads on Desktop promises more features and functionality will be coming to the platform in the coming weeks. After seeing this, the audience can also be surprised.

All these efforts are being made to get ahead of Twitter, although threads have been invented to beat and beat Twitter. Meta has worked very hard on this, but in addition to Threads suffering from its rebrand from Twitter, the platform proves unable to curate engaging content.

The web version of Threads has been brought to the audience’s demand, which is also very important. This is one of the many new features added to the platform in recent weeks.

You may be aware that Threads has been downloaded over 150 million times since its launch on 5th July in the mobile app. But now, the success of threads depends on their use, whether people are using it or not.

According to the report of data analytics company SimilarWeb, there were around 11K visitors in June. Still, now you will be surprised to know that this number has increased to 109M in July. And this is likely to increase every month.

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