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YouTube Creator Awards, also known as YouTube Play Buttons, is an award series from YouTube that aims to recognize the most popular channels on YouTube. They come according to a channel’s subscription count but are entirely at the discretion of YouTube. Subscribers of YouTube can vote for their favourite videos, and the ones that receive the most votes are the ones that become the awards. Here is a look at the YouTube Creator Awards and how they work.

Different types of YouTube Play Buttons have something to do with the number of subscriptions a particular channel has. Once you reach a subscriber milestone, YouTube will change the appearance of the play button to match the colour scheme that the channel has. Once you reach one million subscribers, the button changes to a blue play button.

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Bronze Play Button: ( Passing 10K to 99K subscribers )

The first type of YouTube Play Button is the bronze play button. At the start of each year, many people are chosen as subscribers. When you visit a video on YouTube, the play button will turn to a bronze colour. This signifies that your video has reached high visibility on the site. As you reach one million subscribers, the bronze button will turn to a gold colour. If you reach two million subscribers, the play button will turn to a silver colour.

Silver Play Button: ( Passing 100K subscribers )

The second group of YouTube play buttons is the Silver play button. These are awarded to videos with the most views in a specific period. Several people are chosen at the start of every year, and many fail to be selected as subscribers. At the end of the year, some new people are chosen, and those who fail to be chosen.

Gold Play Button: ( Passing 1M subscribers )

The third group of YouTube play buttons is the golden ones. These are given to videos with a target of one million subscribers within the first three months since their creation. You can check on this by visiting the “channel” section of the YouTube home page. You will see a golden button on the top left corner with the word “Subscribers” at the end.

Diamond Play Button: ( Passing 10M subscribers )

The fourth group of YouTube play buttons are the diamond ones. These are awarded to videos with one million subscribers or more within the last three months. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve one million subscribers, so you would probably be happy to know that even if you don’t reach this mark, you will still be able to earn millions of dollars by uploading your videos made for YouTube. Millions of people use YouTube, and without them, there will be no video-sharing site in the world today. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you get a share of the billions of views that these websites get every day.

Ruby/Custom Play Button: ( Passing 50M subscribers )

The fifth and last group of YouTube play buttons are the rubies. These are given to videos with five million subscribers or more within the last three months. These are called rubies because they are the most expensive in terms of monetary value. It would be best if you met specific criteria to qualify for the rubies, the most important of which is the number of views your video has had within the past three months. If at least one hundred thousand people have viewed your video, you automatically qualify for the ruby play button.

Red Diamond Play Button: ( Passing 100M subscribers )

Red Diamond Play Button

The six golden buttons are given to the videos which have passed the subscriber milestone. The subscriber milestone is a particular purpose on YouTube, where they highlight the videos that have done well in views, downloads, views per day and many other things. Once you have passed this big amount, you automatically become a creator and can use the famous yellow button. When you become a creator, you can expect massive traffic and an increase in your page rank.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions-

-What Is The Bronze Play Button For?

The bronze play button is given to those YouTube channels with 10K or more subscribers. This is the first bronze play button, which is given to YouTubers. If a YouTube channel is not monetized, Teespring helps add monetization options with the help of the bronze play button. Due to this, you get to see more benefits on your YouTube channel.

-How Many Subscribers Are Required For The Bronze Play Button?

To get the bronze play button, your channel should have 10,000 to 99,999 subscribers, after which you can quickly get succeed in getting the bronze play button from YouTube. If you have less than 10,000 subscribers, you cannot get the Bronze Play Button.

-How Do You Get A Bronze Play Button?

The Bronze Play Button is a YouTube award creators receive when they reach 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers on their channel. However, as the subscribers on your YouTube channel increase, you are given better YouTube rewards. With the help of this, you get more motivation, which reflects your success.

However, when your YouTube channel gets 100,000 subscribers, YouTube reviews your channel. If not, ensure that you have followed YouTube’s community guidelines and policies. So YouTube can block your bronze play button or silver play button, so we need to take more care of it.

-How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Get A Bronze Play Button?

According to FollowerBar, the Bronze Play button has now been abolished by YouTube, in its place, YouTube now gives you a Silver Play button. To achieve this, you need to reach 100,000 subscribers because YouTube has not given the Bronze Play button to any creator for many years. Now, he directly provides you with a Silver Play Button, for which it is necessary to have 100k subscribers on your YouTube.

-Is There A Bronze Play Button?

This used to be a bronze play button, but YouTube has removed it completely. Although no longer awarded, a Bronze Play Button was previously awarded to YouTube channels with 10,000 to 99,999 subscribers. But as of 2017, YouTube changed the eligibility criteria for the Creator Awards, removing the Bronze Play button entirely.

Currently, you are awarded YouTube Creator Rewards on the following subscriber milestones:

  • Silver Play Button: 100,000 subscribers
  • Gold Play Button: 1,000,000 subscribers
  • Diamond Play Button: 10,000,000 subscribers
  • Ruby Play Button/Custom Play Button: 50,000,000 subscribers
  • Red Diamond Play Button: 100,000,000 subscribers

However, every YouTube viewer should know why YouTube removed the bronze play button. There is no clear reason for this, but perhaps YouTube felt that creators were getting the Bronze Play button quickly. So, in 2017, YouTube changed the eligibility criteria for the Creator Awards and removed it from their awards list completely.

-How Many Play Buttons Are There?

Currently giving us five YouTube play buttons:

  1. Silver Play Button (100K Subscribers)
  2. Gold Play Button (1M Subscribers)
  3. Diamond Play Button (10M Subscribers)
  4. Custom Play Button (50M Subscribers)
  5. Red Diamond Play Button (100M Subscribers)

However, the Custom Play Button is a special YouTube award given only to those YouTube channels that have reached a significant milestone. But apart from this, you have to fulfill YouTube requirements to get other play buttons.

-Is There A Platinum Play Button?

There used to be a platinum play button in the YouTube Creators Awards, but YouTube also discontinued this in 2018. Although the Platinum Play Button was awarded to channels with 50 million subscribers, you must meet subscriber requirements to receive other YouTube awards. Why did YouTube disable the platinum play button? There is no obvious reason for this.

-What Is The Highest Play Button?

The top play button on YouTube is the Red Diamond Play Button! Which is given by YouTube to channels with 100 million subscribers. You should know that it is made of solid gold. And you will get to see a red crystal in the center of it. However, the Red Diamond Play Button is considered the highest play button on YouTube, and only a few YouTube channels have received it.

-How Much Does It Cost To Get A Bronze Play Button?

It costs us (10K-100K subscribers) to get a Bronze Play Button.

-Which Is The Richest Play Button?

The best play button is the Red Diamond Play Button, the Red Diamond Play Button is given by YouTube on completion of 100 million subscribers.

-Is There A 200 Million Play Button?

There are 200 million play buttons on YouTube, made from a black base with red crystals from Baccarat, France. Although YouTube has not officially announced the 200 Million Play Button, it has been found and viewed on the YouTube Creator Awards website. The only channel worldwide to have received 200 million play buttons is T-Series. It is the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

-What Channel Has 1 Billion Subscribers?

The most subscribed channel worldwide is the Indian record label T-Series, which hosts Bollywood music videos on its channel. And there is a possibility that it will be capable of achieving 1 Billion Subscribers.

-Who Is The Biggest YouTuber In India?

Ajay Nagar, aka CarryMinati, has over 40 million subscribers worldwide on his YouTube channel and is the biggest YouTuber in India.


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