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Do you think your Instagram account is pretty strong? Wait until you discover how these 50+ CTAs can boost your engagement and conversions!

Are people feeling overwhelmed by the constant advice to include calls to action (CTAs) on Instagram? You’ve heard from everyone how important CTAs are to engage your audience, but you need help figuring out what exactly to say.

How do you write a call to action (CTA) that stands out from the competition, inspires action, and feels genuine?

Even the most inventive minds can struggle to come up with the ideal combination of words to entice followers to click, leave a comment, or make a purchase.

With its practical and creative CTA ideas designed specifically for Instagram, our guide attempts to streamline this process and facilitate your decision-making.

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What Is A Call To Action (CTA)?

First, you need to understand what a CTA is.

A call to action (CTA) on a website or social media platform is a prompt that asks visitors to take a specific action.

This can mean anything on Instagram, such as prompting fans to click on a link in your bio or leave a comment, share, or save a post.

A call to action (CTA) is essential because it can direct readers to take a specific action, such as interacting with content, purchasing a product, or registering for more information.

CTAs are an essential part of successful online marketing strategies because they can quickly increase conversations, sales, and follower engagement.

What Makes A CTA Exceptional?

You should know that not all calls to action (CTAs) are the same. A poorly designed CTA can quickly turn away viewers, failing to increase followers on your profile.

In contrast, creating a compelling call to action (CTA) requires a thorough understanding of your audience’s motivations, needs, and ways to appeal to their desires in a short space.

Such a CTA needs to be thought out carefully, with a little creativity thrown in.

However, what makes a CTA stand out? Following are some of the essential components:

Clarity: There should be no room for confusion in your CTA. It should be clear and straightforward, telling your audience exactly what you want them to do.

Relevance: It should be relevant to the audience’s interests and needs. A relevant CTA attracts the audience, but a forced CTA can alienate it.

Urgency: Quick action is encouraged when a sense of urgency is created without pressure. Use words like “limited-time offer” to compel your audience to act immediately.

Value Proposition: Highlight your benefits to your audience. What will your audience gain by choosing a CTA? A compelling CTA makes this benefit obvious.

Visually Striking: On social media sites like Instagram, attractive calls to action can significantly impact. Your CTA should grab people’s attention through strong text, beautiful colors, or an attention-grabbing image.

Action-Oriented Language: We need to use verbs in our CTAs that inspire action. Impressive words like “discover,” “learn,” “join,” or “get started” can be more persuasive than passive language.

Personal Touch: When possible, personalizing CTAs can increase their effectiveness. For example, speaking directly to the audience or using intimate language can make CTAs more interesting.

Essentially, a great call to action combines form and function: it’s not enough to simply look nice or sound smart; you also need to build a connection between the audience’s needs and what you have to offer so they can’t resist taking the next step.

50+ Powerful & Engaging Instagram CTAs For Everyone

1. For Engagement

  • “Comment below with your ideas!”
  • “Double tap if you agree!”
  • “Tag a friend who should see this!”
  • “Save this for later!”
  • “To view more, swipe left!”
  • “Which one do you prefer? Vote below!”
  • “If you can relate, show us some love!”
  • “Drop your favorite emoji in the comments!”
  • “Try this and tag us, please!”
  • “What’s your take on this? Comment below!”

2. For Sales and Promotions

  • “Shop our time-limited selection!”
  • “Grab yours before they’re gone!”
  • “Sale exclusively to our followers only!”
  • “Use code INSTA20 for 20% off!”
  • “Alert: flash sale! Click to purchase!”
  • “Unlock your special discount at the link in the bio!”
  • “Free worldwide shipping only today!”
  • “Add to your collection now!”
  • “Grab your deal—it’s only today!”
  • “Don’t miss out on our exclusive deal!”

3. For Content Discovery

  • “Learn the keys to success!”
  • “Discover the newest styles—link in bio!”
  • “Discover our best selections for you!”
  • “Click the link to learn more!”
  • “Check out our most recent blog post!”
  • “Join our community to get additional insights!”
  • “Discover the tricks that work!”
  • “Set out on a path to improved health!”
  • “Look here for style inspiration!”
  • “Pick up the guide that everyone is raving about!”

4. For Community Building

  • “Be the first to know – follow us now!”
  • “Join us in expanding our family!”
  • “Participate in our community’s conversation!”
  • “Follow us for inspiration every day!”
  • “Get exclusive content by subscribing!”
  • Together, let’s create something unique!
  • “Make connections with like-minded people!”
  • “Tell us about yourself!”
  • “Aid in getting the word out!”
  • “Come along with us to change the world!”

5. For Events and Webinars

  • “Book your seat right away!”
  • “Remember not to miss our live session – make a note!”
  • “Take part in our special webinar!”
  • “Register for our upcoming event!”
  • “Don’t miss us live at [time]—catch us on!”
  • “Make a note of the date!”
  • “Get your early bird ticket today!”
  • “Participate in our upcoming project!”
  • “Come feel it with us in real time!”
  • “Become a member now to receive a special bonus!”

6. For Inspiration and Motivation

  • “Start today, dream bigger.”
  • “Make cans out of your cans.”
  • “Our journey will motivate your next one.”
  • “Fill your fire and come with us.”
  • “Chase your dreams, we’ll show you how.”

7. For Customer Testimonials

  • “Click here to read testimonials from our satisfied customers.”
  • “Go to our page for real stories, real results.”
  • “See why they adore us by checking us out.”
  • “Changes that convey a great deal”
  • “The best storytellers are our customers.”


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