Instagram Offers Growth Strategies in a New Podcast - Followerbar


Last week, VidCon allowed Meta to record a live version of its creator podcast “Close Friends Only,” in which prominent creators discuss how to connect with others on Instagram and optimize the app. Additionally, you can easily use the Buy Instagram Followers in India service to stabilize your IG followers and increase your account presence.


During the live session, actor Storm Reid and creator Reece Feldman discussed their creative journeys, Instagram’s audience engagement capabilities, and other valuable insights.


Most of the advice is general (use newly released features; Carousel drives engagement), but there are also some practical observations about how users with large followings have grown their app audiences.


However, many celebrities featured on “Close Friends Only” so far have been based on their notoriety outside of the app.


Again, some fascinating notes are included, but I wouldn’t say the episodes are full of helpful advice on moving forward.


However, it may be worth keeping them in mind, and if you’re looking for strategies to grow your Instagram presence, perhaps some of the notes will be particularly helpful to you.


Alternatively, if you’re only interested in these creators, it might be interesting to hear how they connect on Instagram.


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