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With the growing Instagram popularity, a lot of people want to become famous on this platform. However, they also look for ways to get verified on Instagram to get a better impact on their audience and to widen their reach. In this article, we are going to talk about some important things regarding Instagram verification.


What does Instagram Verification mean? 


Well, you all have seen a blue tick mark right next to a celebrity’s or brand’s profile username. That blue tick is the symbol of the Instagram verification service. This blue tick helps the audience to distinguish between the real and fake profiles. However, this is not just for your audience, it is also helpful when it comes to maintaining your brand image.

How? Sometimes people can make social profiles by using your name to use it for malpractices. Therefore, it is also a good thing to get verified on Instagram. It only requires a glance to distinguish the real account from the fake ones with the help of this little blue tick. It doesn’t just appear on your bio but also when you upload something. 


What are the eligibility criteria?


After understanding the reason why is it important to get verified on Instagram, let’s know what makes you eligible for it. It takes time and processing which is why it is not so easy to attain. Only those accounts which Instagram deems “in the public interest” are considered to be verified.

Other than being a public figure or globally renowned, you also need to follow some guidelines mentioned on Instagram’s website. To simplify some requirements, we have enlisted the main points required for the Instagram verification service.


  • It must be authentic: Your account should portray the person you are. In other words, you should be true to what you say you are as a person, brand, or public figure.


  • It must be unique: One person must have only one account, only the language and regional accounts might differ in this case. Fan accounts and meme pages do not qualify for Instagram verification most of the time.


  • It should be a Public account: Though it says that both public and private accounts can get verified on Instagram but it isn’t really the case. Many brands have tried to get their private accounts verified but failed.


  • It must be complete: Your profile should be complete with bio, profile photo, other requirements, and at least one post.


  • It should be notable: Another important element is that your profile id should be notable. It must have been searched highly.


These are the points that are a must to get your Instagram account verified. With these points fulfilled, you can apply for an Instagram verification service. 


How to apply for Instagram Verification? 


Now, let’s talk about the steps to apply for the Instagram verification service one by one. This will help you to apply for it easily.


  1. The first step to begin the process is to “log in” into your right account. It is because you might have more than one account, so carefully log into the account which you want to verify.
  2. Then tap on the “menu” bar that is available on the top right of the screen on your home page.
  3. Click on the “setting” bar present at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Go to “account” and tap on “request verification”.
  5. After this fill in the details and confirm your identity. This information includes your full name, what are you known as, and which category you belong to.
  6. You need to upload a government-approved photo-identity proof.
  7. Tap on “send” and your application will be sent for Instagram verification service.


Key points to consider for verification (155)


Other than the steps and requirements, there are some other things that can further help you to get verified on Instagram. These points are:


  • Having a great bio: It’s important to have your bio in its best outlook that relates the most with you and your profile.


  • Being honest: Do not overdo your profile and just stay honest about your work.


  • Being Newsworthy: Make sure your profile is worth being noticed by others and make an impact that is newsworthy.


  • Having presence outside Instagram: You must appear outside Instagram as well to have a wider public profile. 


  • Being regular on Instagram: Consistency is one of the important points to get verified on Instagram, so keep your posts coming regularly.


  • Getting more and more followers: Keep your followers count increasing in order to get the blue badge on Instagram.


  • Don’t cross-link your account: Do not use Instagram to drive traffic to your other channels if you want to get verified.


  • Don’t give up after the first try: Remember, the first is not the last. Work on your profile if your first attempt fails instead of giving up on the blue tick.


The above mentioned were the details regarding the Instagram verification service. For more information, you can go to the official Instagram website. That will help you to understand the terms and conditions column in a better way. Once those requirements have been fulfilled, you can get your Instagram profile verified.


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