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It Is Junaid as a social media manager, today I will tell you how you can increase more than 30k likes on your youtube video.  Buy youtube likes India is the last way when you tired to using other methods. else what will you have to do for that if you also want to become famous through YouTube and want to earn money? So today you are getting the right article because today I will tell you this in this article. How can you get more than 30k likes on your youtube video? If you are a new YouTuber, you have just created your new channel on YouTube and have also started uploading your videos on it. You want to make your video viral and get ranked on YouTube. For that, it is necessary to have more than 30k likes on your video because only then you can earn money from your YouTube channel. I will tell you everything about how you can get your video ranked on YouTube in 1 or 2 days and how to increase more than 30000 likes on it.

What can we do to increase likes on our YouTube videos?

Now I will tell you how you can increase likes on your videos. As far as I have seen, every new YouTuber wants that your channel should also become famous like other YouTubers. Your video also started getting more than one million likes. If friends, you also want to increase more than one million likes on your video. So today you should complete this article carefully and follow the tips which I will tell you about it. With this, your video will also start getting more than one million likes.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is to solve the problem of your audience. With this, all your subscribers will like your channel the most. You also have to remember that the name of your channel has been created on YouTube. You have to make all the videos related to the same topic so that your subscribers and other YouTubers will also be able to find your videos easily. If you make a video related to your topic and that topic is trending, then your video will start getting more than one million likes.
  2. You have to remember this before making a video, on whatever topic you are making or making a video. You should have its content absolutely unique because you must have known that nowadays people like to see and learn something new. If you bring something new to your video, which people have never seen on YouTube. If you upload an entertainment video, you don’t have to do anything about it. If you put any such video, about which you know. You can upload a video on it. Because when people will see and like your video more then your video will come in rank on YouTube.
  3. We should upload one video daily on our youtube channel. Because when we create our new YouTube channel, no one knows us. When we start uploading videos on our channel daily, then our videos will start appearing in front of people. This will start getting more and more likes on your video and your video will start ranking on YouTube.
  4. You should do SEO very well while uploading your video. You should title your video to 50 characters. So that your subscriber does not have any problem remembering the title of your video. If any user searches the video with your title keyword, then your video should also come in it. You should write about it in the description of your video. Whatever things you have told in your video, then you should tell about the same in your description. You should use trending hashtags in your videos.

Can we get our videos ranked on YouTube by increasing likes on our YouTube videos?

Now I will tell you that you can easily make your video viral on YouTube by increasing the likes on your video. But for that, you have to follow all my words. Because to make any YouTube video viral, the biggest land belongs to likes. Because more and more YouTube users will see your video if they like your video. So all of them will like and share your video, by doing this the likes on your video will start increasing and your subscribers will also start increasing. 

When your video starts getting more than one million likes and your subscribers will exceed 10k. Your channel will get monetized very soon and after that, your video will start going viral on YouTube. If you want to grow your channel very quickly, then you can buy YouTube Likes India by visiting our followerbar website. Our website is giving you the best and cheapest service as compared to other websites. That’s why today you can buy the service of all social media platforms by going to the followerbar.

What should be done if the likes on our videos do not increase even after following all these methods?

Here I want to tell you how you can increase your video likes. You must have heard about Ads that can make your reach no heights by running ads on youtube. When your video comes in front of them and they like your video then they will like your video and also subscribe to your channel. You share the link of your YouTube video on other social media platforms. You can drive traffic to your videos and increase likes through them. 

After this, you can also ask your friends and family members to share the link to your video. If you see any such video on YouTube, which has more views, likes, and subscribers. So you can give a link to your video by going to their comment. If even after this the likes on your video do not increase, then you can buy YouTube Likes India by visiting the followerbar website. This is an instant way to instantly add more likes to your videos. Which is very beneficial for your video and can also increase your business.


Friends, as you know, in today’s time people use social media the most. Some people have grown their business a lot through social media and some people have become celebrities. The social media from which people do all this can be such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform. Like people on YouTube create their own channel and upload videos on it. If you have created a new channel on YouTube and you want to grow it soon. If you want to get likes on your videos, then our followerbar has brought you the service of YouTube Likes. If you buy YouTube Likes India from our website, then you will benefit a lot from it. We provide you the best service as compared to other websites and provide you 100% Safe & Active Youtube Likes.


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