Successful Instagram Giveaway

Do you want to learn how to make sure I organize a successful Instagram giveaway? That’s what you’ll focus this blog post on to find out, as Instagram giveaways allow you to promote your brand, increase customer engagement, and gain viewers.

This article will discuss some important tips that can help you run an impressive Instagram giveaway. We have made this post very simple, which will help you to get more information. That’s why we are giving you information about Successful Instagram Giveaway.

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What Are Instagram Giveaways and How Do They Work?

Instagram giveaways are a marketing strategy in which companies select a specified number of winners to receive prizes. These giveaways usually impose specific rules that participants must follow.

These rules may require participants to perform specific tasks. They are more beneficial to the brand, such as following an Instagram account, distributing giveaway contests among acquaintances, appreciating posts, adding comments, and more.

How Does Running An Instagram Giveaway Help?

Successful Instagram giveaways can profit your brand and business more, depending on your Instagram goal. Instagram giveaways can help you in every way:

  • It helps in promoting brand awareness and recognition.
  • With its help, you can get more social media followers.
  • It allows you to get email leads.
  • With its help, you can get high traffic on your website.

The great thing about Instagram giveaways is that they are fun. There’s a reason Instagram audiences love winning giveaways and work to increase the engagement rate on an Instagram account. Which naturally helps in increasing your Instagram followers.

An Instagram giveaway allows you to reach a new audience, and by using this method, an Instagram audience starts connecting with your competition very easily because you are giving away a valuable prize for free.

Tips For Running A Successful Instagram Giveaway

We must use a few methods to run a successful Instagram giveaway contest; here are some time-tested tips for you. We have simplified this post so that you do not have any problem reading and understanding it:

Set Clear And Specific Goals

To run a successful Instagram giveaway contest, you must focus on clear goals aligning with your marketing strategy. Doing this will help you use Instagram giveaways properly.

Additionally, your goals should be specific and measurable to easily track any participants. You need to set vague goals with a strategy to use and run your giveaways properly. And you need to get the right results for it.

Best way to do a giveaway on Instagram: Set clear and specific goals is the first thing to be tested when running a contest. You can easily change giveaways when setting your goals because it is flexible. However, generally, companies and brands use giveaways for the following purposes:

  • Increase the number of followers on your Instagram.
  • Grow your email leads and get more newsletter subscribers.
  • Redirect traffic to your website to a specific page or blog post.
  • Collect user reviews, testimonials, and other forms of user-generated content.
  • Drive more engagement on your content with more Instagram likes and views.
  • Promote your brand and business products easily.

In most cases, focusing on a single goal is recommended to run a successful Instagram giveaway contest. However, you may find it difficult to track certain goals, so you are advised to track your goals from time to time,

Align Entry Criteria With Your Goal

With the entry criteria, you can easily set the tasks you want your users to be performing to be eligible to win the giveaway. By doing this, it is very easy to create entry criteria that you want to target. For this, you will have to explain by giving an example of if you are interested in increasing user engagement on your Instagram profile. So, people will have to join your profile, and there will be no point asking them to subscribe to your email list.

So, first of all, you have to ensure congruence between your goals and entry rules to get results from your free campaign.

Below are some entry criteria that relate to various specific goals:

  • If you want to increase your Instagram followers, ask the audience to follow your profile.
  • Ask the Instagram audience to click on the webpage link where you want more traffic.
  • Encourage your friends to tag you in your posts to increase brand awareness in any field.
  • Ask the audience to subscribe to your newsletter if you want to receive leads by email.
  • When used correctly, these are just a few of the methods that can help you create entry criteria that match your strategic goals.

Pick A Relevant Prize For Your Giveaway Winners

We must choose a relevant prize for our giveaway winners to run a successful Instagram giveaway, although giveaways are exciting. Therefore, we should give the audience a chance to win something they may not even think about.

But when it comes to deciding on the prize to give away, you have more options to choose from. And a lot of it depends on the goals that you have set for your cheap campaign. If you’re trying to increase product awareness for a new product you’re launching, you might choose to have a giveaway as part of that product.

An alternative perspective on rewards involves examining your audience. In the case of eCommerce stores, observe the product category that is most popular among your audience. This approach effectively helps select a prize that connects with your audience and creates a certain amount of excitement.

Keep It Short And Simple, and Follow Promotional Rules

People’s attention is not limited to one place, so most users follow hundreds and thousands of profiles on Instagram. And in this, you get a lot of content to consume.

People may lose interest in your contest if your Instagram giveaway rules are long and confusing. You will see its effect on your Instagram account, too, so to avoid this, we have to keep our Instagram giveaway simple. This can motivate more audience to engage with your contest; also, you should try that no user needs to do much work to engage with the contest.

You can ask viewers to follow your profile and like posts, which helps you create a successful Instagram giveaway. When you set these giveaway instructions, more audience on Instagram starts engaging with your contest.

Short Contest Durations Convert Best

The longer you let a contest run, the more people can participate. And it can also help you achieve your marketing goals, but this may or may not be true.

You have to announce the giveaway in your contest within a time limit. By doing this, you create a sense of urgency with the users, which motivates the users to participate in the contest as soon as possible without missing out on the chance of winning the prize.

You can post a countdown timer on your Instagram Story to deliver this effect to your audience. But if you want to do more than that, Instagram is a limited platform. This is where a main website comes in handy.

Promote Wide And Big

If you want a successful Instagram giveaway, promoting it on your Instagram page is not enough. However, this will require you to reach out, so you should utilize all social channels and websites on your brand to get your giveaway out to other audiences.

This simply means that apart from your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is the best way to promote the contest. By doing this, you can easily reach any website to promote your giveaway.

If you own a website, we should use it to promote our giveaway. By doing this, you can get an audience to see your competition and integrate your Instagram feed with a WordPress site. And it’s very easy to do; all you need is a WordPress plugin called Smash Balloons.

Use Relevant Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are such a weapon that helps in doing your work properly. In the same way, hashtags can help us a lot in running a successful Instagram giveaway; it is only important to use them properly. However, on Instagram, the audience likes to search for hashtags, and if we use relevant hashtags. So, there is a high possibility that new Instagram users can join our contest through search.

You can use hashtags very easily; there is no need to think much about it. And in cases with Instagram giveaways, simple hashtags can give you more reach and audience:

  • #giveaway
  • #giveawaytime
  • #giveawaycontest
  • #winwingame
  • #instagramgiveaway

If you have created a giveaway for your brand on Instagram, you can build brand awareness using branded hashtags.

Pick A Random Giveaway Winner

When the time for the contest you created is up, it’s time to choose the winner. That’s why we should remember that the winner should have completely followed the rules of the giveaways. And it has done what you wanted.

It cannot be easy to keep track of users who participate in the contest manually, so you can use the WordPress site plugin for this, which shows you everything correctly and makes it easier to track users manually.

Another thing that you always have to keep in mind in Instagram giveaways is that you have to announce the winner publicly. Because everyone needs to see that your Instagram giveaway contest is legitimate with a real winner, doing this can motivate users to participate in your other contests.

Measure Your Giveaway Results

Once your Instagram giveaway has concluded, you should measure the results to see whether you have achieved the goals you wanted to target during this competition.

If your primary goal is to get followers on Instagram, then you can get more followers in this. Using this trick, you can ask your participants to follow your profile, after which you will get more followers and results in your account.


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