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If you want to start your own business, we bring you the top 7 small business ideas for women in India. You will get options to work from home and do part-time business. India is developing with great dynamism, in which women are also being provided ample opportunities to start and grow their businesses.

There are many business ideas for women with perfect scope, such as online and offline tuition, content and copywriting, handmade and DIY products, event planning and management, etc. With this, you can start any business at your convenience and budget. So here, you will be your own boss. You will not need to follow anyone’s orders. So let’s start with home-based business ideas for women in India that will make you a boss lady.

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Top 7 Profitable Small Business Ideas For Women

So here, we have given small business ideas for women in India to strengthen the power of women. You can start any business you want. “The work is not small or big. If you have a strong strategy, you can make every work successful.”

  1. E-Commerce and Online Business
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Home-based business with low investment
  4. Sell Arts or Handicrafts
  5. Event Planning Business for Low-Income People
  6. Start blogging for small business ideas from home
  7. Open a Boutique and Promote Online

E-Commerce And Online Business

Recently, the e-commerce business has been growing very fast, not only for women, but remains the basis of all sellers and brands. Nowadays, everything is available online, from clothes to food and grocery. Everything is available online and has its own separate platform. This is why online business is growing very fast with less investment and is also easy to operate.

You can establish your business on an e-commerce platform. By registering your seller account on it, you can start your business and sell products. With this small business idea from home, women can easily do online business with low investment. This is a simple business for women in India where you can sell fashion apparel, handicrafts, home decor, beauty products, or other products that suit your budget.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable option for online business ideas for beginners as it allows them to make passive income. Within affiliate marketing, business owners can use their websites to outsource work to others without any upfront financial investment. Can take advantage of the power of.

Affiliate marketing is a low-investment business for women who want flexibility, low startup costs, passive income potential, diverse niche options, and scalability. With dedication and strategic planning, women can achieve greater success in affiliate marketing. This is an excellent option for simple business for women in India.

Home-Based Business With Low Investment

You can choose a home-based business as a low cost business idea with high profits. In this, along with profit, you also get a good facility. You can run your business along with your family responsibilities and work. It is difficult for low income people to invest so they can do work like online tuition or teaching, freelance writing or editing, graphic design, virtual assistance and social media management.

In home-based business ideas for women in India, you can offer products and services from social media platforms. In this, you can easily create your business account and then share quality photos and videos of your product. Meanwhile, you can also promote your product. You can also monitor on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In which you can assess the performance of your product.

Sell Arts Or Handicrafts

Most of the women are interested in DIY crafts and painting art. So you can convert this interest into your business. This is a simple and clear way to do online business with low investment. Selling handicraft products is a great way to earn money, especially for women.

Handicrafts, paintings, and other handmade home decor items are quite profitable options for small business ideas for housewives in India. Women who do household responsibilities and work can spare some of their time and do some crafts.

Many women have adopted the idea of small business from home and made it their primary source of income. So you have social media, start selling your handicrafts with it.

Event Planning Business For Low Income People

You can choose an event planning business as a business investment opportunity. Event management is a thriving business field for women with strong organizational abilities and skills. If you love planning parties and family gatherings, event management is a simple business for women in India.

There is no doubt that women are naturally inclined and interested in multitasking and organizational skills. Therefore, you can convert your interests into your business because these businesses are based on experience, organization and efficiency.

Start Blogging For Small Business Ideas From Home

Blogging is an excellent option for small business ideas for women in India. Through this, you can create your own community and generate your own income. If you are an expert in content writing and can edit videos, you can create your own blog. However, blogging is a profitable small business idea from home where you can earn a livelihood and fulfil your family responsibilities.

You can easily create your blog on You can start your blogging journey with whatever niche you are interested in. As you know, blogging is in trend so you can create your blog on topics like fashion, travel, fitness, and beauty products. Once it becomes popular, people start knowing about it. Then, you can monetize it to earn money.

Open A Boutique And Promote Online

Women can open their own boutique for highly profitable business idea at low cost. Most women are interested in fashion. They like designing clothes. So you have a perfect idea of a business investment opportunity in fashion design. If you are interested in fashion design or fond of sewing and embroidery, you can open your own boutique.

This is undoubtedly one of the simple businesses for women in India. If you do not have enough budget to open your boutique, you do not need to open it formally. However, for this, you can take the help of social media. For example, you can upload categories of your designs to the Instagram Shop. Additionally, you get the following options to interact and connect with customers. So you can run your boutique online or offline for small business ideas at home.


So, we have shared with you the top 7 small business ideas for women in India. Consider these if you want online business or small business ideas from home with low investment.

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