What Is Instagram Giveaway Rules

Do you also want to know about What Is Instagram Giveaway Rules: All the Dos and Dont’s? So, in this blog post, we will try to answer all your questions because Instagram giveaway has become one of the most effective marketing techniques. When used correctly, brands and users can create a win-win situation where you choose multiple winners to award. However, the Instagram giveaway imposes certain rules that users have to follow to make use of it.

These giveaway rules require the Instagram user to perform actions that can be more beneficial for the brand page, like following Instagram profiles, liking posts, or sharing gift contests with friends, etc.

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Let’s Find Out The Instagram Giveaway Rules: Do’s And Dont’s

Do Run Giveaways On Instagram Reels And Videos

You can drive the competition right using Instagram Reels, as static content on Instagram is not as engaging as interactive audio-visual content. It is a good idea for us to promote our giveaways in Reels, which is a great way for Instagram users who want to reach their giveaways to a wider audience. So they have to post the videos to reels as soon as possible, after which you can see more results on your profile. You have to prepare such a contest, in which you have to create some content that will be more attractive to the audience.

DO Showcase The Prize

All Instagrammers need to know about Instagram giveaway rules before they enter any type of social media giveaway. It simply means because of the possibility of winning. However, we need the most incentive to participate in any competition. If you want to add more Instagram viewers to your contest and boost your Instagram engagements, you have to display the prize in front of the audience, encouraging them to play the competition with themselves as everyone desires to win.

DO Cross-Promote Your Instagram Giveaway

We should not limit our Instagram giveaway; rather, after conducting the Instagram giveaway, you should promote it on other social media channels. You can bring traffic to your Instagram giveaway from Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube channels with more audience, and every social media user joining you can be interested in playing the contest. You have to keep interacting with your participants to attract them so that they stay engaged with your contest. By cross-promoting Instagram giveaways, you can drastically increase the number of Instagram followers.

However, we do not have to limit ourselves to social media; rather, we have to add a pop-up of our website or blog to the giveaway, which motivates our visitors to visit the website.

DO Use An Automated Tool To Choose The Winner

It is important to understand the giveaway rule for Instagram; in this new era, you must make your Instagram contest attractive and professional. Which Instagram audience likes one more? You must use a trusted application to choose the winner of your gift. You get many such tools in the market, which helps you select a winner. It gives you the analytics of your Instagram contest and giveaway by preparing, according to which you can track your participants.

DO Collaborate With Other Brands And Influencers

Do you want to increase your Instagram followers? Or do you want to get a target audience community? This is where Instagram collaboration comes in handy, and it completely follows the Instagram giveaway rules. Teaming up with an account in a similar niche is a great way to grow your Instagram reach and outdo each other. So, to add more response and audience to Instagram giveaways, you must collaborate with different brands and influencers.

DO Ask People To Comment

Be sure to ask people to comment on the Instagram giveaway, as doing so will benefit your account and brand’s engagement rate more. Thereby giving better visibility to your brand if you want to increase customer loyalty and trust in your Instagram giveaway. So you have to ask all your participants to comment, which is a POV of each user. So you have to make sure that Instagram gift is only about comments.

DON’T Forget To Announce The Winner

Instagram users participate in giveaways to win – make sure you deliver only positive experiences by announcing the winner. If you don’t share your giveaway winners with your participants, you may lose credibility and trust with your audience. Because some onlookers might think your gift was a hoax – and you don’t want that!

You have three distinct approaches for revealing the Instagram giveaway winners:

  • Enhance the giveaway post by appending, “Giveaway concluded, winners have been reached out to.” To amplify confidence, consider tagging the lucky winners within the post.
  • Devote a fresh post solely to declare the victor.
  • Showcase the champions via Stories and generate a Highlight to ensure availability beyond 24 hours.

DON’T Encourage Spamming

Instagram algorithm doesn’t like spam for good reasons; this is a solid reason behind avoiding those gifts. Consider what drives spammy behavior: Which has more value, 50 comments from the same user or 10 comments contributed by 10 different individuals? The latter is preferred. The common practice of applying the “1 comment = 1 entry, more comments for more entries” rule potentially contradicts Instagram’s free policies by encouraging spam.

DON’T Offer Extra Entries For Sharing In Stories

While this approach is inconsistent with our strategy, let’s establish that it is feasible when dealing with up to 50 participants. You should read the Instagram giveaway terms and conditions; in this case, every user must note them carefully. Who reshared your gift and included your brand in their stories, so it becomes an impossible task to monitor and later consists of these additional actions as bonus entries during the prize selection phase.

As mentioned, Instagram’s limitations prevent external tools from extracting anything beyond comments. You can encourage participants to share the bounty in their stories to reach a wider audience. Don’t give it extra entries just to share it in your stories.


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