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If you are looking for ways to improve your Instagram reel views, then you have visited the right blog. This can be very helpful for you.


Instagram has added a list of important guidelines to help you optimize the performance of your Reel content on its Professional Dashboard within the app. You can also buy Instagram views India to get more views on reels, which can also help you make your reels viral.


As these screenshots (posted by Lia Haberman) show, IG recommends the following 10 tips to increase your reels’ performance:


  • Grab attention in the first 3 seconds
  • Performance is better for reels that are 30 to 60 seconds long (note: 90-second reels are not recommended)
  • Despite the CEO of Instagram’s repeated comments that hashtags don’t increase reach, use the trending hashtags
  • Take advantage of popular trends and music
  • Strive to increase direct interaction (especially with shares).
  • Respond to feedback within a week
  • Post content on Instagram concurrently with other platforms.
  • Make funny, likable content
  • Add high-resolution videos
  • Make at least ten reels a month, on average


Most of these you hear and read from creators and blogs. But here are some Instagram tips for reels that can help you grow your reels.


However, the real challenge lies in developing original, engaging concepts that the Reels audience will love.


In this regard, I think the best approach is to familiarize yourself with Reels trends and see what other users are finding successful on the app.


If you’re planning on aiming for 10 or more Reels a month, you’ll need some inspiration, and Instagram is probably the best place to look for it.


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