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Are you looking for ways to drive more engagement on your Instagram Stories?


You may get help from this blog. Today Instagram itself provided a detailed overview of tips and tricks for better engagement on Stories, without including any new updates and features. However, be sure to include some interesting notes to consider during your creative process.


Instagram’s new overview includes five presentation tips and some sharing notes that can increase the use of your Stories. For this you can use Buy Instagram followers India, and you can also be successful in getting more views on your stories.


The first suggestion is to use “sticker templates”, which Instagram first launched in December last year.


Instagram Stories Tips


Sticker templates inspire other users to contribute to the Story by displaying the “Add your own” option. This simple feature is an effective way to increase direct engagement and interaction.


Instagram says users can add GIFs, text, or images to their templates to help increase engagement.


“To create an Add Yours template, select “Add Yours Templates” from the sticker tray. You can design your own template or draw inspiration from the dice. Once you share your story, anyone can use your template and put their spin on it. .”


This might be worth considering for your Stories strategy.


Instagram also includes “Layouts” as a Stories composer option:


Instagram Stories Tips


The layout allows you to present multiple images in creative ways.


“Tap the Layout icon before taking a photo. To change the layout of your photos, tap “Change grid”. Then you can take a series of photos with your camera or choose photos from your camera roll.”


To make your Instagram story attractive, fill it with a solid colour, which can make your stories look more professional. In this, you can use the colour of your choice, and then you can do this easily by tapping and holding on to the story window.


Instagram Stories Tips


“You can also add a translucent overlay to your story by following the same steps – just select the highlighter icon before pressing the screen to fill.”


Instagram also mentions that pressing and holding on a colour will give you access to different colour options. This action displays a gradient of colours from which to select.


Instagram also highlights the option to convert a Live Photo into a Boomerang.


“Select a live photo from your camera roll (they will have the boomerang icon in the corner). Then, press and hold the photo to make it into a Boomerang.”


Now, next to this, Instagram notes that if you forget in the composer. So you can add a mention to a Story in retrospect while you can also arrange to create a “Close Friends” list to limit sharing of your Story.


Here are some interesting composition notes that can help you create more compelling stories and elicit stronger responses.


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