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Instagram is now exploring additional private engagement features with its latest test of “Blend.” This new option merges a combined Reels feed, which exclusively displays Reels shared with a friend. If you want to grow followers, then for that you will have to use Instagram followers buy India service, which is capable of increasing followers on your account.


Instagram Blend


As shown in this example shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, a collaborative “Blend” stream viewed with a friend or connection will display:


“Reels recommendations based on Reels you’ve shared with each other and your Reels interests.”


We are experimenting with a more integrated approach to facilitating the sharing of Reels by leveraging the user behavior of sharing Reels via DM on Instagram.


Which is actually becoming a much more common practice.


In 2022, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said:


“Friends now post a lot more to stories, and send a lot more DMs, than they post to Feed.”


Taking inspiration from this, Instagram is developing a variety of new features aimed at leveraging private sharing within the app, including…


  • Inbox Notes is a conversation-prompting feature that displays chat prompts from your connections at the top of your DM inbox.
  • Channels offer one-to-many messaging options aimed at celebrities and creators looking for a DM-aligned way to stay in touch with fans.
  • Collections allow users to collaborate and interact with selected posts shared in a group feed.
  • Instagram has added a new option to share feed posts only with close friends.


Blend seems like a more targeted approach to connecting with Instagram’s use as a content aggregator, with more and more Instagram users sharing their favorite memes and clips with friends via DM or in real life.


The option could turn this into a more engaging, in-app element in which the actual content discovery is also a group experience, which could be a valuable addition.


However, even this may not work.


Instagram isn’t testing this live yet, but if done right, it seems to have potential.


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