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Do you know how to track social media metrics? So let us tell you but before that know this. What are social media metrics? Social media metrics are the data we use to measure our social media performance. Metrics are statistics that reflect your social media presence, measuring engagement and influence. These metrics provide valuable insights. They also help you make informed decisions by improving your strategies and tracking how your efforts are working. So, that’s why we’ve come up with some important social media metrics that will help you measure your social success.

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Metrics To Measure Social Media Success

There are many tools and metrics to measure social media success, so first, let’s look at the key statistics. After all, what are the statistics that show your social media performance?

Website Traffic

The first figure is your website traffic; if your traffic is increasing in monthly performance, then your strategy is working. Website traffic is an important social media metric through which you can know how social media is working. If you use famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Instagram, then these will give you great insights to measure your performance. , you can also use Google Analytics. In this, you will know how much traffic came to your site from social media.


Track social media metrics through impressions, a key metric for measuring your success. Impressions mainly reflect how many times the audience has viewed your posts and the content published by you. However, each social media platform has a different way of measuring impressions. For example, when viewers view stories, posts, or reels on Instagram, it counts as an impression.

Lead Generation

Leads are one of the best social media metrics. It directly shows that the goals you have set are being met. Whatever strategy you are using on social media, whatever work you are doing, it is having a good impact on your website. Along with this, your potential audience is converting into your customers, which is the main objective of marketing a business. In short, leads are a main source of measuring the success of your business. If your leads are decreasing, then it will show that you are making a mistake somewhere.

Likes And Comments

Even if you have a large number of followers, if they are not interacting with you, if there is no engagement, then you are not getting the benefit of having followers. As much as the number of followers matters, their engagement also matters. Having likes and comments is as important as having followers. Likes is a figure that shows how much your posts have been liked. Comments reveal audience reactions to posts. And if there are no likes or comments on your posts, it shows that your followers are not your ideal audience or your content could be more exciting. Although there can be many reasons for not getting likes and comments, the main one is that your content could be more engaging.

Sales And Revenue

Is your social media campaign directly resulting in revenue and sales? What has been your ROI? Overall sales and revenue metrics are important in measuring the success of your campaign.

Are there metrics to measure social media success? Are your sales high or low? So, how to know this? If your campaign is directly resulting in revenue and sales, your social media efforts are working. Many social media platforms offer several monetization options for you to increase sales and revenue. Through this, you can easily track how your activity is affecting your sales and revenue.

Best social media metrics tools

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Sprout Social
  3. HubSpot
  4. Rival IQ

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides reports to measure website and social media metrics. Through analytics, you can measure social media campaigns and track website traffic and mobile app traffic.

Although it is not a main social media metrics tracking tool, it is an SEO analytics tool. It is also used to evaluate social media performance along with website analytics.

Sprout Social

One of the best social media metrics tools is Sprout Social, which lets you quickly compare results from multiple networks at once. In this, you can assess the performance of major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This one tool gives you data to analyze insights from multiple platforms.

With this data, you can prepare your reports for better understanding. If you want to keep your clients updated about your work progress, you can easily use it also.


The next tool for the best social media metrics is HubSpot. Its analytics allow you to measure your business and revenue growth along with social media performance. In this, you can easily assess the performance and prepare a report on any channel. Besides this, you can also know which marketing tactic is best for your business.

HubSpot Analytics gives you detailed graphs and visuals that give a better understanding of the audience for specific statistics like impressions, clicks, etc.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is also one of the best social media analytics tools. Because in this, you can track the success of many platforms. Along with this, Rival IQ also helps in tracking YouTube.

Its tracking includes features like competitive analysis, basic social analytics, social listening, reporting, and social media audits. This is a famous tracking tool to strengthen the online presence of the business. Plus, you get valuable data to understand your customers better.

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We have given you complete information on how to track social media metrics. Well, you know how important social media metrics are for tracking your progress. If you monitor your metrics, it strengthens your strategy and helps you reach your business goals.

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