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How to start a blog on Instagram and get paid? You can quickly begin blogging, and nowadays, blogging is also in trend. You may have many questions in your mind related to how to create a blog on Instagram, like what will be the type of your content? How will you be able to make money from blogging? Will your blogging attract an audience? So you may have many such questions, but these are some common ones. Therefore, after reading our blog, there should be no doubt in your mind about Instagram blogging.

So, in this article, we have given accurate and clear guidance not only for professionals but also for beginner bloggers. This will accelerate your Instagram blogging career. Whether you are starting blogging or want to improve your blogging, this is helpful in both.

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How To Start A Blog On Instagram

How to Start a Blog on Instagram and Get Paid? It is the dream of every beginner to make his place among the audience as soon as possible. So, to bring this dream into reality, it is necessary to set your objectives and follow the right strategy. However, there is no doubt that along with this, you have to make continuous efforts and focus on other things. So, let’s start from the beginning to speed up your blogging.

Use Creator And Business Accounts

It becomes difficult for beginners to influence people through Instagram blogging. That’s why if you are starting blogging, then switch to a business account or creator’s account. It has many benefits, but the main one is that you will get analytics tools.

In the Insights of Professional Account, you can quickly see how many views your profile has received. Additionally, you can also check the engagement rate and assess whether it has increased or decreased based on the previous month. Beginners need to switch to a creator’s account for Instagram blogging.

Pick Your Niche

Taking the first steps toward how to start a blog on Instagram, choose your topic. You must clarify your topic and what your blog will be about. You will find many types of blogging on Instagram, but you have to choose the one that suits you.

If you do not know about it, then we will tell you. Niche for a blog is a topic that clarifies your personality and what kind of blogger you are. In simple words, niche shows your interest in your blogging topic. It can be anything like food, travel, fashion, skincare or fitness.

There may be some confusion, so we give you some questions to answer so that you can find your niche.

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is the work that you can do even without money?
  • What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about?
  • What are the values you want to convey to the world?
  • What are you most expert in, and have you achieved much?

Choose Your Blog’s Identity

Choosing a blog name is a vital task in Instagram blogging for beginners. Here, you should pay some attention. The name of your blog reflects your personality, topic, and blog topics. So, it would help if you used some understanding to choose a name that describes your topic.

In this, you take some time, look at the names of your competitors, get some ideas and then choose an attractive title. Just keep in mind that once you select the name, make sure to change it again and again because it is against the Instagram algorithm and gives a wrong impression on your Instagram account.

Create Your Bio With Impact

How to create a blog on Instagram: You need to make a first impression, and that’s what a bio is for. So, bio is the place on Instagram where you describe yourself to the world within the limit of 150 characters. In this, you can tell about your topic in text form. This is an important factor in which you should take some time to create your bio in an impressive manner.

Suppose you want to start a fashion blog on Instagram or start blogging on any other topic. It would help if you made your profile more effective and focused. The role of bio is also essential in this. It would help to briefly tell your visitors about your values, foundation and personality. Most of the businesses provide their contact mail and CTA button in it. Also, share quotes, your location and maybe even some hobbies for a more significant impact

Create Content That Makes A Difference

Content is the centre and heart of your blogging. Many bloggers blog on Instagram, but there are so many of them that hardly anyone knows them. So why is it so? The main reason for this is the quality of the material and its effectiveness. Everyone says content is everything, whether on social media platforms or other channels. This is because only quality content can accelerate the success of blogging.

So, coming to the main thing for Instagram blogging for beginners, one should focus on quality overall. You don’t need to post daily. You can also do 3-4 weekly posts because quality is more important than quantity.

Try something new to become an influential blogger. Like everyone does blog posts, but what should you do in it so that the audience is impressed by you? Let us understand that if you will do four posts in a week, then you have to apply some strategy to it. You can post your blogs in parts; if the audience watches one part, their curiosity for the next part will increase, and they will definitely watch the second one, too.

It is essential to be strategic if you want good results. So, part-wise, posts are a great way to increase your views. Along with this, you should also focus on organic methods in your blog posts. Viewers are more interested in free ways than paid viewing. Create organic posts with captions like “Get great results without spending a single rupee”. This will give your blogs more chances to appear in the feed.

Hook Your Audience With A Caption

Starting a blog on Instagram is a detailed process, but if you want your blog to be influential, you must consider all the elements. As important as it is for you to create compelling content, it is equally important to post it effectively. Therefore, for a good post, you must prepare a caption that inspires the audience.

Captions To Grab Attention

Blog posts are mainly known for their captions. So, it is essential to have a one-line caption to grab the audience’s attention quickly. You have a limit of 2200 characters in Instagram caption; however, this does not mean you should make it boring by making it too big. Try to make the caption short and catchy. For this, you can use chatGPT. In this, you will get more caption ideas related to your posts.

Add Hashtags To Searchability

A short, catchy one-liner caption can only focus, but adding hashtags should increase searchability. Hashtags primarily make your blog posts more searchable. If you include relevant and high-volume hashtags in your blog posts, they are likely to appear in the feeds of more viewers. So, use mixed hashtags in your posts and add relevant hashtags of all kinds, big and small. Hashtags increase your views rapidly if you use them correctly.

Add Location Tags To Your Posts

If you want your audience to know the specific location of your post, you can add a location tag. Some users want information about geographical locations, so it’s excellent for you if you add locations. If the view of any of your posts is good, then add a location tag to it. With this, people will be able to search for you from that location also, and if someone searches that location, then your post will also be visible. When you emphasize your location, more viewers can see your posts because the user searches for location-based posts. So doing all this is not limited to views only, they may follow you to know new places.


How Can Instagram Bloggers Achieve Success?

Some people post consistently but have less than 100 followers and may not earn income. On the other hand, there are bloggers with millions of followers who make a good amount of money. Your success depends not only on your definition of success but also on factors like your skills, available resources, and the dedication you have put into your Instagram blogging journey.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

There are five main ways bloggers use to earn money:

  • Advertisement: Bloggers have a large ideal audience, promoting companies and brands.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Take your commission and sell to a third party.
  • Product: Make and sell your product.
  • Services: Sell your own digital or physical services
  • Partnering directly with brands: Promote through sponsored posts, product reviews, or long-term partnerships and take your profits


We have given you all the main information on how to start a blog on Instagram and get paid. There is no doubt that if you follow this guidance extensively, you will see a change. If you want to start blogging with a solid fan base, Instagram followers buy India. This is an effective way to show your impact early on so that the audience can connect with you naturally.


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