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Do you want to get 1 million views on Instagram reels? For this, you can use these 10 secret strategies to skyrocket your IG views. Don’t waste time, and start reading!

One million views is a huge number. In some cases it can be the population of an entire country, and yet you will not be able to reach this milestone. If you hope to get a million views, you need to make your content more engaging.

Although we have a guide to reach 10k views on Reels, you will need to increase your strategy to get 1 million views.

We are going to explain:

  • How to boost your views
  • Strategies used by top creators to increase views
  • How working together can help you accomplish your goals for Instagram views

If you want to get organic results on your reels, you can follow the strategies mentioned and start seeing results on your account quickly. Remember that this is merely the minimum required to get attention for your content.

Achieving one million views on Reels is a gradual process that offers no quick route to this degree of visibility. Your views will start to increase if you’re prepared to work hard and make the necessary effort.

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How To Get 1 Million Views On Instagram Reels?

Reels are great for boosting engagement and a great way to grow your Instagram followers. When you share content in all formats, people are grateful. The following guidance will make it easier for you to expand your social media presence on all of the platforms.

The first piece of advice, however, is only applicable to video content because of how frequently people watch it.

1. Grab Viewers’ Attention in the First 3 Seconds of Your Video

Reels on Instagram can be eye-catching and grab the attention of viewers as soon as they click on it. And if you’ve ever found yourself glued to a video from the moment it starts, it’s probably because the creator created an enticing hook that drew viewers in and kept them interested throughout.

A hook is comparable to your story’s introduction. You do want them to keep on watching, don’t you? On YouTube, Mr. Beast employs hooks by showcasing something outrageous and then taking his audience through the whole journey of how he got there.

You can do something similar by:

  • Describing your value proposition, or the benefits the viewer will experience if they watch the entire video.
  • Establishing a relationship with the audience that will make them want to watch the whole video.
  • Asking a query in an attempt to get viewers to keep watching.

You should start every video you make with a hook strong enough to draw viewers in and keep them watching.

2. Tell A Story

You’ve drawn your audience in, but now it’s time to share a story with them. For instance, you changed your oil in the example above. Additionally, you can narrate how you decided to attempt an oil change after reading through books and consulting a mechanic.

Maybe you’ve:

  • Forgot your filter
  • Bought an oil wrench
  • Researched where to dispose of the oil

There’s a story behind whatever content you create, right? And that’s why people love watching social media and Instagram reels. Your Reel has far more storytelling power than images because it is visual.

In your reel, speak directly to your audience and don’t be afraid to invest a lot of time developing your narrative.

Some helpful things are as follows:

  • In what location does the video start?
  • How does it end?
  • How did you get to the finish line? Was there anything unexpected that occurred during filming?

3. Use The Right Hashtags

Too many creators seem to forget about hashtags. Use hashtags to aid in the natural discovery of your content by users.

Unaware of the meaning of a hashtag? In the descriptions, you’ll find the “#WORD” mentioned. After searching the content for these terms, Instagram will add them to its internal database. When someone looks up the hashtag, it may appear as a:

  • Top post
  • Recent post

Popular posts rank highly when someone searches for a hashtag on Instagram, which will bring a lot of natural viewers to your page.

To find out how many times your desired hashtag is searched, just type “#” into Instagram’s search bar. We have an amazing tool that you can use if you want an even simpler approach.

4. Publish Reels Regularly

To get 1 million views on Instagram reels, one has to keep posting regularly. Because content creators on Instagram also use this method, and then they get to see the results:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments


Humans are habitual beings. It could be necessary for you to post Reels every Monday and Friday since your followers want to know what to expect from you. Your audience will eventually pick up on your posting habits and come back to your account to see your latest Reel.

Our comprehensive posting guide revealed that creators ought to publish Reels three to five times every week.

5. Make Covers For Your Reels

Did you know Instagram reels have their own covers? And they act as thumbnails for your videos and reels. If you create a reel, you know that thumbnails are very important to get clicks. After glancing at the thumbnail, viewers will choose whether or not to click on the video.

But how do you create a cover?

Editors can be used to locate a screenshot from your movie, alter it, and create a cover. Putting the cover on is easy:

  • Create a reel
  • Go to Share Settings
  • Tap Cover > Add from Camera Roll

You can use your own custom image as the cover on your reel. However, research has shown that changing the cover to something interesting is enough to attract more views on the reel. If you want to get 1 million views on Instagram reels, then using a cover that catches the attention of the audience can help you cross the 1 million view mark.

There’s no doubt that the cover you add will be of far greater quality than the one from your video.

6. Use Text

Many people on Instagram watch Reels silently. It’s crucial to accommodate these users by including text in your Reels if you want to increase views and keep viewers interested.

People who are watching your reel silently will still be able to understand what’s happening because the text will explain what’s happening.

Since 85% of people are thought to watch videos on mute, you are losing out on a significant portion of the viewership if you do not include text.

Try different fonts to make your text more interesting, or use time-saving caption tools that will create captions for your Reels automatically.

7. Use Popular Or Trending Music

Here’s a lesser-known hack to get 1 million views on your Instagram reels: use popular or trending music.

A small icon will appear beneath the three dots (below the share icon) at the bottom-right corner of the screen when you are viewing a Reel on Instagram. You can listen to the music and view other Reels that are using that song by tapping that icon, which will direct you to the page for that audio.

If you are creating reels using trending audio, there is a high chance that viewers will find your reel on the audio page.

While it is great to use trending audio on Instagram reels, it is also important to keep in mind that the music is relevant to your content. Put differently, don’t just include music because it’s well-liked. Look for something that fits the tone and subject matter of your video if this one doesn’t.

8. Post When Your Audience Is Active

Instagram has billions of users, so getting 1 million views on Instagram is not a big deal. But this is a huge achievement for a new user, but in this method you have to avoid posting your reels at any time of the day because you cannot get a lot of views by doing this.

To maximize the reach of reels to your audience, you have to post when your audience is most active on IG.

When your audience is active, how do you know? If you have a business account on Instagram, check your Insights.

The Most Active Times tab on your Insights dashboard will tell you the most active hours of the day for your audience. Note these times so that you can start posting when you know people will be seeing your reels online.

9. Use Analytics to Improve Your Content

If your goal is to get 1 million views on reels, you still need to improve your reel content. Every reel should be better than the previous one.

However, how can you determine what kind of material appeals to your audience the most?

To find out, use Instagram Insights or analytics. You have access to specific insights for every one of your reels, such as:

  • How many saves, shares, likes, comments, and plays did it receive?
  • How many accounts see your reel? That’s your reach.
  • Interactions

Make use of this data to determine which Reels were successful and which weren’t. To keep giving the algorithm and your audience the content they enjoy, produce more of the things that did well.

10. Buy Instagram Views

Want the easiest way to get 1 million views on Instagram Reels? Buy them! Just make sure the provider you choose—such as Followerbar—is reliable and trustworthy and offers real views from real accounts.

We have packages ranging from 1000 views to 1M views for your Reels.

Buying Instagram views India can be a great way to kickstart your Reels. And will also help you attract more Instagram views.


More than 200 billion Reels are viewed on Facebook and Instagram every day. However, thousands of creators are competing against each other for views and interactions. If you want to get a million views, you need to stand out from the crowd. Use our guide to create original Reels that grab people’s attention. And along with this, you can also use Buy Instagram followers in India service to increase your IG followers, which most of the people are doing.


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