10 Simple Strategies To 10x Your Instagram Growth [FollowerBar Guide]

These 10 easy-to-follow strategies, if applied consistently, will multiply your growth on Instagram 10x. I’ve used these to fuel my dream of becoming a millionaire from over 800,000 followers, helped Russell Brunson from 40,000 to over half a million in one year, and more recently. But building my brand has helped, so these things work. And today, I’m going to share these with you so that you can simplify your development and, at the same time, get great results. Now see, you can spend the whole day perfecting your hashtags. Best second posted perfect day and try to crack the algorithm with some new tricks, or you can spend 10-20 minutes daily to perfect basic things. Do it on a consistent timeline and get better results.

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Let’s Find Out What Are 10 Simple Strategies To 10x Your Instagram Growth:

1: Post Stories Every Single Day

First, post stories every day, and don’t make them boring. Now you’ve probably been told that you need to post content daily. And unless you build a perfect system around it, it can not be easy to do that in feed. Tricky, especially if you are new, getting daily feed posts will be tough. Although posting stories, on the other hand, is straightforward, at least daily, with the content you see in the feed. You want to make it all flashy and edgy, priced very attractive, and in this way, it can attract new people. Because it’s been showing for a long time to people who don’t follow you yet. And you want to make excellent first impression stories.

Although usually only go to your followers. The ones they already know, like, and trust. And so this is where you can be a little more personal and exciting. And going a little off-topic, you can show some of your hobbies to people and show your passion. Beliefs in what you do when you have time off from work, what some of your hobbies may be. Which may differ from others and open up more with your personality. This will help you build a stronger connection with your audience, which in turn will lead to better engagement and better growth.

2: Find “5-15 Hashtags” Relevant To Your Niche

The second simple growth strategy you want is to find 5 to 15 hashtags that are not too big. Not too small and irrelevant to your field. Then put them in your caption, and forget about those hashtags. You spend too much time on what you see. Hashtags used to be a big deal; they were one of the only ways at one time. From which you are searched on platforms nowadays, however, you have suggested a profile. Explore Pages homepage recommendations, feed reels, hashtags, and advanced SEO filters. This means that hashtags are no more, focus only, and only. 

Yes, you should use them, although you shouldn’t spend the whole day on them. You want to find a handful of good hashtags, then put all your time and effort into creating better content. Consecutive hashtags will not determine the success of your content; now, I use a tool called Flick. Which helps me analyze and manage my hashtags, all in a matter of minutes per month.

3: Stop Putting Hashtags In Your Comments

The third way is to stop putting hashtags in your comments before you move on from hashtags. It’s not 2017 anymore. There is virtually no advantage to putting hashtags in your comments, and many downsides. Earlier, I mentioned all the different ways to develop a suggested profile page, Homepage, Reels Feed, SEO etc., and all these recommendations are made from Instagram by looking at keywords, your caption, and your bio. They don’t rank your content for SEO or recommendations based on your comments, so put your hashtags and comments in you. They are losing most of the potential that they have now.

4: Switch Your Settings To High Quality Uploads

Number four is a simple way, switch your settings to high-quality upload. Have you ever wondered why your content looks impressive in your Camera Roll, but then you have to post it? And it gets awesome; my friend Abby sent me this exact message. Question the other day, and to fix this, you just need to click on Settings and scroll down to Data & Usage. And this, in turn, will enable higher-quality uploads, which will improve the quality of your content immediately. This would make the better rich, no longer so going to make it perfect. But it would make it much better.

5: Build An Email List

The fifth one builds an email list, which is ironic advice. Considering that I have needed to be more consistent in email marketing over the past ten years, it is something to be concerned about. But building your email list can help in many ways. First of all, it can allow you to provide more in-depth information. Your audience helps you strengthen your relationship with them, and you also have direct access to them. And you don’t have to depend on the Instagram algorithm, which is constantly changing. 

And restricting access to some of the content you’re posting opens up a lot. The opportunity to monetize your audience and generate income from it also removes the risk of getting banned or de-platformed or losing access to your account via a hacker. Because if you have an audience, you can email them like this and send it to them. Whatever your new account may or may not be of concern to you.

6: Invest Some Time Into Cleaning Up Your Profile Aesthetic

Number six is to take some time to clean up the aesthetic of your profile. Now this is something I used to laugh at. I ignored it and somewhat dismissed it. However, if you look at most of the larger pages on Instagram, they all look professional. When you get to them, they all have a theme. And that makes you more inclined to follow them, increasing the conversion rate of their profile visitors. You can get this profile right once and get years of growth spurts. In the future, include a cool username that organizes your bio. 

Ensure your feed content has a theme, and choose a profile picture. What looks good can also come down to choosing a strong color palette and the right fonts and styles. Whether it’s for your images or your reels, make sure it has some consistent theme; even if it only increases your conversion rates by a few percent, that can make a big difference over time, especially if you build up to the point where you are. Hundreds or thousands of people view your profile daily, which is entirely possible.

7: Put Extra Efforts On The Content

Number seven is going the extra mile with your content, and putting in more effort will pay off quickly. Those extra few minutes to make it five percent better than average will result in a massive jump in results in the form of social media. It is not something that is on a linear scale. Think about it if ten thousand people like to watch reels about cooking on the platform right now. So Instagram is choosing one of two pieces of content to recommend, and one is slightly better than the other. 

One, the lighting is good, editing is good. They put a little extra thought into telling their story or just a minor detail I pay little attention to. There will not be an equal distribution of views between the two pieces, which is better. That one will likely be shown to everyone, while the other is a bit worse. It can be shown to people who want to consume more content. But it will be fairly short, so getting a little better will give a huge return on your time.

8: Focus On Your Strengths

I have an eighth piece of advice for you, which I wish most people understood. And that is, stick to whatever format suits you best. You don’t need to make a reel and other formats of content work if you are a great designer and make infographics. I have a friend who changes the world. Her username on Instagram is batty and money; that’s what she does. 

And it’s built an audience of about 50,000 people in less than a year and made an excellent income. She has a full-time job, and it works, as her expertise is in graphic design and writing. And she’s very good at it, so when she focuses on it. So she can do better than everyone else, allowing her to get a ton of reach with her content despite not posting Reels. On the other hand, another person I know, Devin, has amassed an audience of over 200,000 followers. And half the time, the camera uses his face on the reels because he’s good at it.

9: Build A Community

The ninth simple hack you can adopt is to build a community. Have you ever wondered why someone else might have the same content, which is worse content than you? But still, it is overgrowing, probably because of the community. That’s when you build a strong community that will engage and share your content. They see that day even if it isn’t the most optimized, eye-catching post. Because they now have a relationship with you, this community is built through building a solid track record for consistently posting valuable content and sharing a little more. 

Your personality through your stories, which we touched on earlier so people can relate to your time replying to your comments and DMS. This may sound tedious, but it stacks up to help you a lot over time. It could also be things like creating an email newsletter where you send content to people or perhaps creating a discussion group. Where people can talk to each other based on the demographics of your audience and when you create it. It helps you in the long run; it will not show instant results.

10: Stick To One Strategy

The tenth and final thing you need to do if you want to increase your growth on the platform. That is to stick to the same strategy, often, I have seen that people go from one strategy to another. One content style only works for a few weeks, giving them time to see results. They end up learning a different content style, which only works sometimes. They try a different style, which again doesn’t work. 

They only take one time to get at it, and they are good at starter material. It could be the reel where he’s talking to the camera. And they develop the ability to edit well, speak well, plan content, and come up with good ideas. And he gave it three months, and he saw excellent results. Constant chopping and changing don’t help you if you spend three to four months trying to do something. And it’s not working, and nothing is happening. 

It might be good to emphasize that again, but often we see that people don’t do that. Give them enough time to get results from whatever strategy they try to follow. So my advice here lies in planning to get results, be it something like this, which you may or may have come up with on your own through your research and analysis of others. You can achieve something by working with a coach, mentor, or an agency that helps you make a plan and then stick to it. Give it a few months before starting over and changing things, but your overreaching plan should be consistent. That’s the case, at least for those first few months.


Today we have provided important information about 10 Simple Strategies To 10x Your Instagram Growth when you use these strategies on your Instagram profile. Then no one can stop your Instagram growth from increasing, but if you want to increase followers. So for that, you can use the Buy Instagram Followers India service and quickly increase your Instagram followers in large numbers. After which you get to see more benefits of it.


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