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Do you want to know about How Do You Beat The Instagram Reels Algorithm In 2024? So you have visited the right place, here you will be provided with all the information about Instagram Reels Algorithm. After which you can easily increase Instagram followers likes and views, to know how to “beat” Instagram reels algorithm, you have to read this blog post completely.


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Below, we’re revealing all we know.


How Does The Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?


Like the home feed on Instagram, the Instagram Reels algorithm prioritizes videos based on what IG viewers are most likely to interact with.


Instagram claims that the most significant signals are:


Who: Which post are you interacting with? If you mostly like someone’s content or comment on their content, the Instagram Reels algorithm shows you the post in your feed.


What: What type of Instagram content do you want to engage with? For example, if you like seeing high-quality content, the Instagram Reels algorithm continues to serve you the same type of content.


When: “This refers to evaluating the timeliness of a post to determine its relevance to your interests,” many social media experts say. It also pays attention to how often you scroll through the app, so it chooses what to give more priority to in your feed.


The Instagram Reels algorithm has also revealed that it will not prioritize Instagram content that is clearly recycled from other apps (aka TikTok) or is of low quality.


In short, the Instagram Reels algorithm recommends videos that are original, entertaining, captivating, and of high quality.


How Do You Beat The Instagram Reels Algorithm In 2024


Now that you know what the Instagram Reels algorithm likes, we can easily use this method to update our Instagram content strategy and take advantage of it.


According to Instagram, brands and creators should post Reels:


  • Reels are entertaining and fun (i.e., delight people, grab their attention, make them laugh, or provide an exciting surprise or twist)
  • They are able to inspire and start trends that other people can easily relate to.
  • Use creative tools like text, filters or camera effects.
  • Opt for vertical video (9:16 aspect ratio) to ensure an immersive content experience.
  • Use music you’ve found in Instagram Reels’ music library and/or original audio you’ve created or found on Reels.
  • Embrace experimentation! Find new perspectives, be authentic and learn what works best for you.


Additionally, Instagram advises that brands and creators should not post Reels:


  • Display low resolution due to blurriness.
  • Show clear signs of being reused from other apps (for example, displaying a logo or watermark).
  • Include a border when uploading.
  • Display a significant portion of the image covered by text.
  • Fails to follow Instagram’s community guidelines.


Following these Instagram Reels algorithm tips will allow you to “beat” the algorithm and attract new viewers to your account while also seeing an increase in your Instagram followers.




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