$8 Blue Check subscription service

Did you know that the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, recently announced $8 Blue Check subscriptions? Now Elon Musk has told by tweeting that the social media company is preventing it from starting its Blue Check subscription service. Musk needs help launching the $8 Blue Check subscription service.

However, in addition, Musk has said in one of his tweets that “The relaunch of Blue Verified is on hold until there is high confidence that impersonation has been prevented.” And he also said in one of his tweets that he “probably will use different colored checks for organizations than individuals.”

The blue checkmark on Twitter was previously for verified accounts of politicians, journalists, celebrities, and public figures.

But since Elon Musk announced the $8 Blue Check subscription, The subscription option was started at the beginning of November, after paying for any person in it so that there is no decrease in Twitter’s revenue growth because Elon Musk can do anything to retain advertisers.

Twitter stopped its recently announced $8 Blue Check subscription service, with Elon Musk citing fake accounts on Twitter as the reason behind the crackdown. Because fake accounts have increased a lot on Twitter and apart from this, it has also been said that Twitter’s Blue Check subscription service can be started again on 29 November.

Elon Musk also tweeted that Twitter added 1.6 million users last week, “another all-time high.”

You get to see many advertisers on Twitter. But now he is battling a new boss though Volkswagen AG has stopped advertising on the platform.

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