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Do you want to know everything about How To Become Verified On Twitter [A Step-by-Step Guide]? So you have come to the right blog post, here, you will be provided with every information related to Twitter verification. After which, you get to see more of its benefits previously, the blue tick on Twitter was the ultimate goal for brands and creators alike. This meant that only those accounts with a social media presence could receive the Blue Badge on Twitter. They have to undergo a rigorous verification process, which does not even guarantee whether they will be verified.

However, ever since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter, you may see drastic changes in the verification process and criteria on Twitter. This can be good news for ordinary people like us, and now you do not need to read much about how to get blue check on Twitter.

So, to know the eligibility criteria of how to become verified on Twitter, it is necessary to read this blog completely. You have to understand completely, only after that can you learn about the new process of getting verified on Twitter. In this post, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to get a blue tick on Twitter.

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Understanding Twitter Verification

Having a blue badge on Twitter means that the platform has confirmed the authenticity of an account. A verified blue tick next to a user’s name on Twitter means that Twitter has acknowledged the existence and authenticity of the account. So brands and other creators can prove to their audiences that they are “the real deal.” This gives other users the confidence to know they are interacting with a real account they like.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

You might know that earlier, we had to go through a long process for how to become verified on Twitter, and only those accounts were provided. Those who could prove their identity and popularity simply meant those who had a large number of followers. They used to get more benefits from it hence, it was complicated for accounts with fewer followers to get a blue badge on Twitter even if they were authentic, hence people are searching for how to buy Twitter blue.

Currently, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made the process of how do you get verified on Twitter easier. However, now you can buy the Blue Badge on Twitter so that anyone can get verified on Twitter. All you need to do is subscribe to the company’s subscription service, X Premium, which helps you verify your Twitter profile.

If you want to understand and learn how to buy Twitter verification properly, you can start Twitter’s X premium subscription for $8 per month. Although this may vary from country to country, for example, in the US, users have to pay $11 per month to get the Twitter blue tick.

Different Types of Twitter Verification

If you want to understand how to verify your Twitter account properly, then before that, you need to know about the different types of Twitter verification. Many accounts you see on Twitter have a gold or gray checkmark instead of a blue checkmark. Before we start the verification process on our Twitter profile, let us first understand the different types of Twitter verification.

Blue Check: Blue check is provided to those accounts if you are interested in how to become verified on Twitter. Those who have an X Premium subscription and meet Twitter’s eligibility criteria. That’s why blue checkmarks on Twitter are generally given to accounts like creators, influencers, public figures, and celebrities. However, you may still find many business and brand accounts with such checkmarks.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

Gold Check: The gold checkmark on Twitter is given to accounts registered through the platform’s Verified Organization program. These Twitter accounts have a square profile image, unlike the traditional circle.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

Gray Check: You can also get the gray checkmark for how to get blue tick in Twitter. This checkmark is usually found on profiles associated with the government or multilateral organizations. Gray checks are also given to individuals holding political positions or government roles.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

Why Should You Get Verified On Twitter?

If you want to know how do i get verified on Twitter, then you first need to understand why we should get verified on Twitter. This blue badge helps make your Twitter profile more attractive and can be subjective depending on your goals and preferences. Here are some reasons why we should get verified on Twitter:

  • A verification on Twitter authenticates your identity, confirming your authenticity. Being verified on Twitter means there’s less risk of being impersonated, which can add credibility to your account.
  • However, when you are verified on Twitter, your account appears more prominently in search results. Just as verified accounts are given more priority on other social media, similarly on Twitter, verified accounts are given more priority than normal accounts. And how to buy blue tick on Twitter will improve the visibility of your account, and you can increase new Twitter followers.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

  • Once you get verified on Twitter, you get access to additional features that are unavailable to someone with a regular, unverified account. This includes the ability to give you the ability to create longer posts, edit posts, upload longer videos, and more. These tools and features can be more beneficial for those accounts who want to increase their popularity on the account.

Eligibility Criteria For Twitter Verification

Let’s check out the additional eligibility requirements that must be met as well to maintain an active X Premium membership.

  • We first require you to be actively subscribed to X Premium to be eligible to receive the Blue Badge on Twitter. This simply means that the blue tick will automatically be removed by closing your X Premium subscription.
  • This requires completing your profile, including crucial details such as your display name and profile photo.
  • You need to actively use your Twitter account so that Twitter feels that you are giving it more importance. Therefore, before taking an X Premium subscription, Twitter requires that your account has been active for the last 30 days.
  • You need a confirmed phone number associated with your Twitter account, and this helps Twitter verify the authenticity of your account.
  • Finally, we need to make sure that your account is fraud-free. And any recent changes to your profile, such as your username or photo, will raise a red flag. Additionally, how to get Twitter blue checkmark requires you to manually review your Twitter account for any signs of being deceptive or misleading. The platform does not allow your account to be verified if you have done any spam.

How To Become Verified On Twitter: Step-by-Step Guide

We have provided you with some information about different types of Twitter verification above, and now you know that there are different types of Twitter verification. In this blog guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process for obtaining each type of verification badge by followersindia.

How To Get A Blue Check Verification

Step 1: Complete your Twitter profile, remember to update it with all the relevant information, including your chosen display name. It would help if you didn’t overlook the importance of uploading a high-quality profile picture that accurately represents you.

Step 2: Make sure our account is active. This may involve creating a profile photo and engaging with other users by liking, commenting, and sharing posts.

Step 3: Add and verify your phone number to verify your Twitter profile. This gives you an extra layer of security and then helps Twitter easily authenticate your identity. Twitter will send you a verification code when you complete verification with your phone number.

Step 4: Now you have to subscribe to X Premium. When you use a web browser to make payments, the U.S. The membership fee is $8 per month. If you subscribe through the mobile app, the monthly cost is $11. Once you complete how to become verified on Twitter, a blue checkmark will automatically display on your profile.

How To Get A Gold Check Verification

Step 1: Make sure your Twitter organization profile is comprehensive and accurate. This involves updating important information, including profile photos, display names, and biographies. Be prepared for Twitter to request additional details as part of the verification process.

Step 2: You need to sign up for Twitter’s Verified Organizations. You need to provide your organization’s full name, Twitter username, website, and a description of the type of organization you represent.

How To Become Verified On Twitter

Step 3: You need to add your payment details, Twitter supports invoicing and credit card payments. So Twitter now requires US businesses to pay $1,000 monthly to sign up for the service.

Step 4: After submitting the verification, wait for Twitter to respond. If you complete how to get Twitter account verified correctly, your application is approved. So, your Twitter account will be automatically verified, and a gold checkmark will be given on your profile. This allows you to connect with other Twitter accounts.

How To Get A Gray Check Verification

Step 1: Go to the gray checkmark request page and provide your Twitter account details. You must include your Twitter username, email address, and country or region.

Step 2: Select the criteria that best matches your account. You can apply for the blue checkmark under categories like Government Individual, Government Organization, Multilateral Organization, or Multilateral Individual.

Step 3: Whether you will use your government ID or email address to complete the Twitter verification application. If you choose a government ID option, you must upload a photo of it.

Step 4: If you want to understand how to get verified on Twitter without being famous, then you must request a checkmark as an individual, and now you need to provide the official position and title. So, for organizations, you need to include the official organization name.

Step 5: To know the minimum followers for Twitter verification, you must briefly describe your responsibilities. After that, you must submit your request; when your account is approved, you will be given a gray checkmark next to your Twitter profile name.

Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Verification

You should know that while X Premium membership generally guarantees Blue Check verification for all users, Twitter still reviews your accounts for eligibility. So follow the tips given below to create a Twitter verification link.

Actively Engage With Other Users

How to get verified on Twitter for free requires you to be more active, then, you will be able to show Twitter that your account is in use for the audience, so we have to make sure that you regularly interact with other users are connecting. You are liking their post, and you are replying to the people who are commenting on your post, and you are sharing it with them. Due to this, the chances of verifying your Twitter account increase.

Avoid Spammy And Misleading Tactics

We have to avoid using fake identities how to get verified on Twitter hack, as Twitter does not verify any accounts doing spammy and misleading tactics. Therefore, we should avoid using incorrect profile information from our account, which may mislead other visitors.

Accordingly, avoiding artificially inflating or suppressing information, such as purchasing contracts through fraudulent accounts or making coordinated efforts, is important. This also applies to commercial spam or offensive activities that disrupt the user experience. Engaging in mass account registration and employing automation to create new accounts can negatively impact your chances of receiving verification.

Share Content Regularly

This is another way to prove how active you are on Twitter. This includes posting regularly, so you do not need to create new content in your account every time. Sharing your posts with other accounts helps us prove how active you are with your content on your profile. With this, the process of how to become verified on Twitter becomes faster, due to which you get to see more benefits in your Twitter account.

Choose The Right Verification Type

Even if you know which verification type is right for your account, you should not overlook the importance of choosing the right one for your Twitter account. Doing so may compromise your account and the identity or entity that your account represents. Based on that, choose the most appropriate Twitter verification type to simplify and speed up the process.

No Twitter user would want their account to go through a thorough submission and review process only to reject it. And then, you can start a new verification process.

Get Started With Twitter Verification

We hope you liked our information on How To Become Verified On Twitter [A Step-by-Step Guide], so now you can easily get Twitter verification, and your brand can benefit more. You can decide for yourself whether this is the right option for you for your verification. Now, if you want to increase Twitter followers, you can also use the services of Buy Twitter Followers India and Buy Twitter Likes India, and you can start increasing the popularity of your account on Twitter.

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