So now Facebook allows creating more than one profile!


Recently, Meta has introduced its new feature to create more than one profile on Facebook. Through this feature, you can further improve your experiences. Just as you can create multiple profiles on Instagram, you can also create multiple profiles on Facebook. Since the launch of this option, users will experience a unique feed with relevant content in each profile. Apart from this, you will also get a new option that you can switch to your profile without logging in.

So, what could be the motive behind Facebook allow creation more than one profile? Then, basically, the idea is to optimize your experience and keep personal and business relationships separate. From one profile, you can stay in touch with one community, and from the other, you can stay in touch with another community with whom you want to stay. You can have a profile for your friends and family, as well as a separate profile for your business relationships. Along with this, you can maintain balance in your personal and business relationships. From one, you can operate your business, get in touch with customers and perform other business tasks. And you can stay connected with your family and friends through the second profile.

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For Set Up New Profile

  • First, choose the username, and you can keep the same username for more than four other profiles.
  • You can easily choose the people you want to connect with and share the content with.
  • You can switch between your profiles without logging in.

Just like your official profile, features like a new feed have been provided in it. However, you will not get other features like dating, marketplace, professional mode payments, etc. These features will only be available on your official Facebook profile. So, with the latest update, you can see the expansion of messenger support in it. Apart from this, Facebook allows creating more than one profile, which is only for eligible adult accounts.

Why Did Facebook Release The Feature Of Multiple Profiles?

So, under this new option, people can customize their interests and relationships. Also, on the basis of your professional interests, you can keep relationships separate. If you just want to stay in touch with people from a specific area and do not want to make connections with other people. So you can maintain your privacy. With this, you can consume only the content you want to watch.

According to a statement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said in the posts that now Facebook will again focus on serving young adults. Multiple profiles let you show parents, relatives, strangers or coworkers exactly what you want them to see. For example, if you want to limit some posts of your profile to only friends, then you can do so through this new option.

However, your official profile will remain with your real name. And some of the main features of Facebook will also not be available in it. But if any account does not follow Facebook’s guidelines and violates the rules, your entire account will also be subject to Facebook’s disciplinary procedures.

Privacy Priority

So with this new feature, your privacy has got priority. You can keep your relationships separate by maintaining balance. You can connect with whomever you want in each profile, share content, and only follow the people you want to connect with. Additionally, your online privacy will be boosted, and you will be able to keep your Facebook social media life private. Apart from this, as you know, whether the profile is personal or the count of additional followers is more important. If you want to increase this count more, then you can buy Facebook Followers India. This will also help you promote additional accounts and make them popular.


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