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Know Some Tips How You Can Get Followers 

It is Junaid As a Social Media Manager, you focus more on content strategy and less on engagement. You give time to create your planning and post them but don’t really make any time for audience engagement. It is important to reply to the comments you get on your post because if you don’t, your Instagram followers won’t feel valued and won’t ever visit your profile. This would very much affect your engagement. Your job is not done yet once you’ve posted the content. You need to not only like the posts of the accounts you increase following but also leave genuine comments.

What you have to do — Make a schedule of 10–15 minutes a day for engagement. Comment Like, and discover more accounts using locations/ hashtags of interest and reply to all the comments that you receive on your content.

You don’t have a strategy for Post The Stories

Instagram stories were launched in August 2016 and there are over 3.5 million users who use these stories daily! And it’s only boosting.

Instagram Stories and Reel are the easiest and the most effective way to make your presence. Very less chances to increase following If you’re not posting stories and reels or have an irregular posting schedule.

What you have to do — Create a content strategy exclusively for Instagram Stories

Are You regular? 

Posting consistently is important to reach a higher audience, build trust and brand authority. It shows that you’re serious about the platform and about providing value to your Indian Instagram followers. If you don’t post regularly your Instagram followers won’t become your brand evangelist, they won’t support you enough and you might even lose them.

What you have to do — Invest time in creating a content strategy, create, plan and schedule your posts and make sure you don’t miss posting for any reason.

TipsBuy Instagram Followers India to schedule your posts and Image recommendation to curate content.

Don’t forget to update your profile

With time, you grow and change. And your profile needs to change accordingly. When someone looks at your insta account, the first thing they see is your profile picture, your username, and bio. Most of the time these aspects are ignored and are not updated. That’s one place where you lose Instagram followers.

What you have to do — It’s simple — from time to time once every quarter to review and optimize your profile. If you’re a something or you have a huge following, come up with some interesting variations through live and for your bio. Most importantly, keep it current.

Do You Have Any Aim? 

If you create an account on Instagram just to show your availability and don’t have an end aim you won’t have a clear idea about what to post. You might end up posting a lot of various kinds of posts and the first-time viewer will get confused.

Most probably people follow accounts of a certain niche. If you don’t put yourself into any of the specific categories, that’s gonna be a very difficult task to increase Indian Instagram followers.

What you have to do — Define your goal and create a strategy based on that goal. Your aim could range from educating your Instagram followers India to inspiring them to share their stories and more. make on 1 or 2 end targets and work towards them

There are few other reasons that you are not increasing more Instagram followers in India  include

You’re not using the hashtags with your post at all or aren’t using the right hashtags. You can buy Instagram followers India. If Your content is mediocre and boring. Work on that content

You’ve bought Indian ot targeted followers and so the Instagram algorithm is hurting your account. All you can do here is buy Indian Instagram followers. You use Instagram to over-promote yourself. Share a good mix and promotional and curated posts and content. Post to add value, not to sell.

Thought Of The Day

Increasing organic Indian Instagram followers isn’t easy anymore. There are a lot of accounts that still follow you and unfollow you later and a lot of bots that comment just to boost attention. With all the competition on Instagram, you need to make sure that you’re consistent in posting, you stand out, and are authentic. 


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