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If you want to get knowledge about How To Make Videos For Instagram Free With Pictures And Music, then you need to read this complete blog post of FollowerBar. Instagram videos are your secret weapon to making yourself popular on social media. This helps improve the engagement of your brand page and successfully promote your service or products.

According to statistics, how to make videos on Instagram with photos, you must use more video content on the Instagram page. Because video posts on Instagram get 38% more engagement than photos, it’s more important for you to understand how to make reels on Instagram with multiple photos and videos. Additionally, 93% of social media marketers who use video content claim that knowing how to make videos on Instagram reels makes it an essential part of their social media video strategy.

But how to make a video on Instagram with a song that can make you stand out among the 100 million videos shared daily on Instagram? Therefore, you are requested to stay in this blog post to learn how to make a video on Instagram story.

Here are some great, easy tips on how to make a video with photos and music free that will increase Instagram followers India. And will also boost your Instagram page without any further delay. Let’s understand it!

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Let’s Find Out How To Make Videos For Instagram Free With Pictures And Music:

Generate High-Quality Video Content

In the world of social media and Instagram, to know how to make a video for Instagram with pictures and music, you have to maximize the use of high-quality video content on your account. Doing this could be your golden ticket to wowing an audience. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank by investing in high-quality equipment. You can create how to make a slideshow on Instagram with music free properly with the help of your smartphone, through which you can improve your quality.

Learn techniques to elevate your Instagram videos to a professional level.

1. Give Priority To Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to understand how to make reels on Instagram with multiple photos and videos. Avoid blinding light conditions, which may cause your reels to drop. Instead, you need to place the light source in front of your camera, which contributes significantly to illuminating your subject. When capturing footage outdoors, take advantage of the golden hour for the best natural lighting conditions – an hour before sunset or after sunrise.

2. Stabilize Your Camera Shots

Stability is more important for understanding how to make a reel with photos and music on Facebook. We need to maintain a strong, understandable, and engaging visual consistency to keep our viewers engaged with our content. Shaky shots can deter viewers, so we need to consider these techniques to maintain stability in how to make video with photos on Instagram story:

  • Place your elbows on a flat surface.
  • Stabilize your camera by securing it to a stable object.
  • Hold your camera or phone with both hands, gently pressing it to your chest while connecting your elbows.

Using these methods, you can eliminate camera shake, keep your Instagram video content, and maintain a professional appearance.

3. Adopt The Principles Of The Rule Of Thirds

Unlock the power of the grid feature available on most smartphone cameras for your how to make a reel with music on Instagram. You can see this technology in all smartphones; if it is not there, there is no need to be disappointed. This method involves dividing your camera screen into nine equal segments using two horizontal and two vertical lines. Place your subject at the intersection of two of these lines to visually create how to make video in Instagram reels. Keep it on. By doing this, you naturally draw the viewer’s attention. Ideal for emphasizing particular items, this approach is perfect for showcasing product demos or creating portrait videos.

Enable the grid feature on your phone’s camera by accessing the “Settings” section and finding it within the “Camera” settings.

You must apply these modern strategies to understand Instagram video maker with music. To further promote this, you can continuously create high-quality Instagram videos, which will not even let you think about your paid Instagram followers india.

Choose The Ideal Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are the first impression of your Instagram content, and it’s one of the best ways to show you how to make videos for Instagram with photos and music for free. With this, you can do two things: one can increase audience engagement, or the other can spoil it. You must choose attractive video thumbnails in your Instagram reel videos to help you perform your content better. You need to draw their attention to how to make reels on Instagram.

Explore these trendy tips to help you choose the perfect Instagram video thumbnail.

Craft A Personalized Thumbnail: Instagram allows you to choose a specific frame from your Reels video or upload a custom image as your thumbnail. You need to use this feature to create a thumbnail that perfectly represents your video content. And your audience engaged with your video because of that thumbnail. You can quickly generate cover photos for any Reels content with the help of online graphic maker tools or offline software, then insert it at the beginning of your Instagram video using offline or online video editing tools.

Spotlight Crucial Moments: We need to choose a frame that captures a crucial moment or reflects what your video is about. This could include a panoramic view, an important product shot, or a compelling facial expression.

Ensure Clarity: If you know how to make reels with existing video, then now you have to ensure that your thumbnail is clear and attractive to look at, even in small size. We must avoid cluttered or overly busy images, which may be challenging to understand when displayed in a smaller format.

Opt For High-Resolution Images: Opt for high-resolution images to help us maintain a professional presence with your audience. Low-quality thumbnails can break your audience, so it is essential to have high-resolution images for how do you edit a reel on Instagram.

Incorporate Text Judiciously: If your Instagram Reels video needs context, consider adding concise and legible Text to the thumbnail. We must use fonts and colors in our thumbnails that suit your brand page.

By implementing these up-to-date strategies, you can get the hang of how to make videos for Instagram with photos and music for free. And can capture your audience’s attention, significantly increasing your chances of driving high engagement.

Keep Your Videos Concise

Regarding Instagram video formats, it’s essential to understand the file size limits. For most Instagram video formats, the maximum allowed file size is 4GB. Therefore, you should create videos in this file size on how to make videos for Instagram with photos and music for free.

However, you may notice a slight difference when it comes to Instagram Reels videos. The maximum file size for videos shorter than 10 minutes is 650MB. And note here that you can create reels for up to 15 minutes. And how to create Instagrammable videos can be corrected.

We are required to consider these Instagram video size limitations to prevent the creation of excessively long videos, which may require content adjustments, including a reduction in quality.

What Is The Recommended Video Quality For Instagram?

However, for how to make a video for Instagram with pictures and music, it is recommended to maintain a frame rate of at least 30 fps (frames per second), and the resolution should not be less than 720 pixels.

Instagram Feed

When posting videos to your Instagram profile or Instagram feed, their length should be between 3 seconds to 60 minutes. If your video goes beyond a minute, Instagram doesn’t delay to split your video automatically. And will present it as separate 1-minute segments.

Instagram Stories

If you want to know How to Create Instagrammable Videos, then keep reading. The size requirements for Instagram Reels and Stories are almost the same. Its size should be within the range of minimum 1080 x 608 pixels and maximum 1080 x 1920 pixels, full file size is 4GB, and maximum length is 60 seconds.

Instagram Reels

The Reels feature on Instagram has gained immense popularity, and the videos shared are less than 15 minutes long. However, only reels lasting a maximum of 90 seconds can be displayed in the “Discover” section for individuals with public accounts. Your aspect ratio should be 9:16 and 1080 × 1920 pixels for the correct size in Instagram Reels.

Instagram Live Videos

Instagram Live also has a different format, and now you can live broadcast for up to four hours at a time. This reflects Instagram’s new update, as the previous limit was 60 minutes. By using live videos, you can engage with your audience.

Generate Unique Video Content

What makes you different is what makes you great most of the time. If you are looking for a great way how to make video on Instagram with song, then you need to generate unique video content. By doing this, you can easily succeed in increasing Instagram followers, and along with this, we need to define our target audience. You have to put yourself in their shoes and talk to them about what content they want to see from you as followers.

You can also get inspired by the current trends on Instagram, and by mixing your content with the trends, you can quickly get more audience.

Check out some of the video trends Instagram users are loving:

Time-lapse Videos: With these videos, you can successfully show a long process or a scene in continuous motion. By doing this, you keep your followers engaged from beginning to end.

Creating a time-lapse video requires a longer shooting process than recording a standard video. But the result of your effort is undoubtedly beneficial if you use a camera. So consider using a tripod or fixing it to keep the video steady.

You no longer need to how do you edit a reel on Instagram, most smartphones also let you shoot time-lapse videos directly on your phone with a “camera” function. However, it is straightforward to use, if you do not have this function. So you can download relevant apps like LapseIt. By doing this, you can easily create a time-lapse video correctly.

Hyperlapse Videos: If you want to know how to make reels with existing videos, then it is necessary to learn more about Hyperlapse Videos. If you are looking for dynamic and driven Instagram videos, then Hyperlapse videos are the one. What You NeedHyperlapse videos showcase a cinematic vibe, giving you the feeling that your Instagram followers are moving toward, around, or away from a location or object. Hyper-lapse videos involve the camera’s movement while shooting to help you understand how to make reels on Instagram with multiple photos and videos. At the same time, other phones have a hyperlapse option, if your phone doesn’t have it. So you can explore free hyperlapse apps.

Include Captions In Your Instagram Videos

The importance of captions has become increasingly apparent. Let’s look at the reasons:

Silent Viewing: There are many users on Instagram who like to scroll through their feeds with the sound off. Whether they’re in public places, traveling, or just looking for a quiet browsing experience. Silent viewing is a trend, so posts with captions are more appreciated on our feeds. Captions in Instagram videos work to quickly engage viewers and allow you to convey your message even without sound effectively. This can attract your Instagram audience so much that they may be interested in listening to the sound and watching the video again.

Accessibility: If you want to know how to make video in Instagram reels, you should know that including captions is essential in creating inclusive social media content. This increases your audience reach, allowing you to connect with a diverse audience easily.

Capturing Attention: Despite more competition on Instagram, you do not have to give up. Instead you have to make your caption more attractive, which can quickly grab the audience’s attention on Instagram, because a well-created caption can also help increase your followers. Due to this, your Instagram users start stopping by your content.

Message Clarity: Captions on Instagram allow you to understand how to make a reel with music on Instagram. It may highlight some key points, add humor, or provide context. But remember that you have to simplify your Instagram content so any Instagram user can understand it easily.

Improved Engagement: Videos with captions generate higher engagement rates than videos without captions, which is easier for your Instagram audience to understand. And then they may also take interest in liking and commenting on that video.

Encouraging Sound: Compelling captions can entice users to turn on the sound and immerse themselves in the complete audio-visual experience of your video. Doing this also helps you understand how to make videos with photos on Instagram story. This shift from silent viewing to voice-enabled engagement can significantly increase the impact of your content. Many offline software and online video editing tools are available to add music to your Instagram reel video effectively.

SEO Benefits: Instagram captions contribute to the discoverability of your profile. You can include relevant keywords and phrase search results in your video captions, which enables you to get more views on your Instagram Reels videos. With this, you can quickly get a large number of viewers.

Short and Engaging: To keep viewers engaged in your Instagram videos, you have to keep your captions short, by doing this, you can easily succeed in increasing the reach of your account. Ensure the text complements the video rather than overpowering it when conveying your message. While your audience is viewing your content, you may want to experiment with dynamic text effects or subtle text stickers.

By adopting these captions practices, you can successfully understand how to make videos for Instagram with photos and music for free, and your content can also be enhanced. No one can stop it from touching the sky; most importantly, it can increase your social media presence.

How To Make Instagram Videos With Music?

You have two ways to add music to Instagram videos, one you can now easily add any music to your content right within the Instagram app. This feature is now on Instagram, so we should take advantage of it. Or, apart from this, you can use video editing tools and apps. You can use Canva or Capcut and Kinemaster apps for phones to do more advanced things along with the music. You can even enjoy some different types of effects in your sound.

How Do You Make Videos For Instagram Online For Free?

The most accessible online tool is Canva, which is absolutely free. And it’s also very easy for beginners:

All you need to do is head over to from any browser online and search for “Instagram video” to start your video project.

Then, all you need to do is choose an Instagram video template and browse our collection of video layouts. Be it for reels, stories, or square videos. You can easily find and select any template per your needs, or you can use your creative mind by using a custom template.

Most importantly, you need to customize your Instagram video and remove any existing elements in the layout that you may not like. Remove that from there and edit the text placeholders with your copy and call to action. Design content and include extra effects to make your Instagram Reels more popular.

Then, all you need to do is add some final touches and make the most of Canva to take your Instagram video to the next level. You get to view and use our different libraries of audio, elements, and photos. You can easily upload assets from your gallery and make your Instagram content stand out with eye-catching animations.

When your video content is ready, you can download it in high-resolution MP4 video format or share it directly with your Instagram Reels or Stories.

What Is The Best Free Video Editor For Instagram?

The best video editor for Instagram, according to FollowerBar, is the free Canva app. In this, you can do many advanced things, which are not seen even in an upgraded version. So you can easily do it with the help of Canva, download the app for iPhone or Android, and start editing amazing Instagram videos immediately.

How Do You Make Good Instagram Videos?

Showcase panoramic views or present the main points of your video right from the start. Keep your content in focus in every shot. While recording a video, touch the screen of your phone that you want to focus on. Focusing on your shots when filming a subject can enhance their professional appearance.

What Apps To Use To Make Videos For Instagram?

Here Are the Best Apps for Editing Instagram Reels in 2024

  • Instagram
  • InShot
  • FilmoraGo
  • Splice
  • clips
  • LumaFusion
  • CapCut
  • Canva

How Can I Create My Own Video?

You can easily create free online videos using the Visme online video maker tool. In this, you can search starting from a template. Change the content as you wish and adjust any elements you want to change.

How Do You Make A Good Instagram Reel?

All the Essentials for Crafting Exceptional Instagram Reels

  • Get started with Reels
  • Add timed text to reels
  • Make your reels engaging
  • Get comfortable on camera
  • Turn your favorite photos into Reels
  • Experiment with different transitions
  • Give your reels a professional touch
  • Get familiar with the latest Reels tools

Which App Is Best For Doing Reels?

Best Reel Makers for iPhone and Android in 2024

  • InShot
  • Canva
  • iMovie
  • FilmoraGo
  • kinemaster
  • Instagram App
  • YouCam Video
  • Adobe Premiere Rush

Final Thoughts

We hope you will not be troubled by any question related to How To Make Videos For Instagram Free With Pictures And Music, because we have provided solutions to almost all the questions in this blog post. Now, you can quickly see Instagram reel videos going viral. However, Instagram followers can have a significant impact on our popularity. Therefore, you can choose the Buy Indian Instagram Followers India service, where you get a facility to increase followers. You can increase Instagram followers as per your wish.

So how do you think about it? Visit our online site, FollowerBar, now and order our service to increase your Instagram followers.


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