Instagram Now Allows You to Choose Not to Receive DMs Receipts

Meta announced it was coming last November, but Instagram this week rolled out the ability for users to turn off read receipts for their DMs. After doing this, you can easily read someone’s DMs. Can stop. However, you can choose services like Buy Instagram Followers India to increase your IG followers. This lets you control when (or not) the “Read” and “View” indicators appear—senders within message streams.


Instagram Now Allows You to Choose Not to Receive DMs Receipts - FollowerBar


You can understand from the above image that now you can easily turn off read receipts through your IG Direct Inbox. However, if you don’t want people to see that you read their DM, you can simply remove the “Seen” notification. And keep them in suspense, you can have a lot of fun by doing this.


This setting is now available in every individual chat. To use this option, you can tap on users’ names (or group chat names). You can then select “Privacy & Security” and toggle “Read Receipts”.


This option can be a convenient strategy to prevent unnecessary stress about not getting a quick response. However, some people get a little impatient if you don’t respond within a reasonable time frame after seeing the message.


Many people understand that you won’t reply right away; however, if this results in inappropriate drama with specific friends and family members, you can now fix it by disabling these notifications.


You can also turn off read receipts for all users in your “Messages & Story Replies” settings, so there’s a way to turn it off for each individual chat.


But you now have more options to disable those pesky notifications, either way, which may get you in trouble with some people who expect a higher-priority response.


This can prove useful for brands in handling customer expectations. While it’s important to aim to respond quickly to customer questions, turning off read receipts can also reduce potential anxiety.


You should know that this has been a much-awaited update for quite some time, now, you can further reduce a different aspect of stress in your social media interactions.


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