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What is the secret to getting 10k views on Reels in 2024? We share our top, lesser-known strategies to skyrocket your Reels views overnight. Reels are one of the most popular features on the Instagram platform. However, video content creates a connection with your audience that you can’t otherwise. Ever since the introduction of Reels, the platform has given it a huge push.

If you are looking for 10k reel views free like others, you should take advantage of the power of reels. And just because you are making Reels, it doesn’t mean you will get many views from the start. You have to earn your Instagram Reels views.

In this article, we will tell you how to get 10k views on reels, for this, use the proper methods given, which have proven to be very effective everywhere and in every country.

How Do You Get 10k Views on Reels Using 12 Proven Tips

The following advice can help you get 10,000 views on your next reel. We’ve seen it work time and time again.

1. Buy Views

If you want to get 10k views on reels, then buy reels views india from us. We offer you affordable reel packages in India and will deliver:

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When buying Instagram reels views, make sure to properly check the provider or company you are planning to use and make sure that it only provides real reels views, not views from bots.

2. Focus on Quality, NOT Quantity

Today, many creators are creating reels with the help of AI to increase their reach. Why? This allows them to create more reels in less time easily, so every time they post, they may be able to attract new IG followers because of their reels. Also, it makes sense to upload more high-caliber reels.

The issue is that quantity frequently sacrifices quality.

Think about the following questions when you create new reels:

  • Do you think you would watch this Reel?
  • Is the audience receiving anything of value from this Reel?
  • Do you have any immediate suggestions on improving the Reel before posting?

If you create high-quality reels that people love to watch, you will see more engagement and get 10k views on your Reel, which you want. Also, low-quality reels can lead to low engagement, so focus on quality, not quantity, to reach your goal.

3. Add Trending Hashtags

Hashtags don’t get instant views, but it’s a great way to get 10k views on reels. Instagram now allows you to put only 10 hashtags in reels, so you should use relevant and trending hashtags to improve your reach and discoverability.

Here, you have several options:

  • Use hashtag generator
  • Add hashtags that you think will work
  • Add trending hashtags that are relevant

The Instagram hashtag generator lets you find the ideal hashtags for your reels. And you will forget how to get 10k views on reels in 2024?

4. Select the Trending Music and Sounds

Content cannot live without audio! Many people choose music and sound for their reels thoughtfully. You can use trending audio in reels to get Instagram reels 10k views free. Including audio before video transitions or adding popular music can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Continue to have viewers watch your video.
  • Appear when users search for videos featuring a specific song.

Utilize music and sound effects strategically to improve your videos.

5. Try to Please the Algorithm

Do you know about the Instagram Reels algorithm? This is a must-know for any content creator, as Instagram uses advanced algorithms for everything. Instagram collects a lot of data, which it uses to suggest content to you, so when you visit your Explore page, you only see the content you want to see.

Similarly, the algorithm used for Instagram Reels is also the same, and we have a detailed guide on the Instagram Reels algorithm.

What we have discovered is:

  • It’s essential to build strong relationships with your audience because they matter.
  • Don’t forget that asking people to like, share, and comment on your reels expands their reach.
  • Reels depend on freshness, so you have to post at the appropriate moment. Your Reels’ relevance will be significant, so use audio tracks, hashtags, and creative captions to make them highly relevant to your audience.

If you follow just these few tips, you will work with Instagram’s algorithm to get 10k views on Reels, not against it.

6. Post Your Reels at the Right Time

Producing content of superior quality is just one aspect of the puzzle. You’ll find it challenging to get 10k views if you don’t post when your audience is most engaged.

What is the best time to post? To find out when your audience is most engaged, check your insights.

7. Start Using Special Effects and Stickers

Do you want your Reels to be unique? When appropriate, begin utilizing stickers and special effects. These elements will increase interaction with your content while giving it a more distinctive look.

Making your short videos stand out is now easier than ever, thanks to the abundance of special effects available for Reels.

Choose stickers that promote interaction when adding them. For instance, you can include sliders, quizzes, and polls in your Reels. These interactive components will increase the shareability of your reels. Your video has a better chance of making it to the Explore page, where it can quickly get 10K views on reels the more people interact with it.

Additionally, you can make cutouts, which convert your images into Reels-compatible stickers. Using the caption sticker is also advised, as it will automatically generate captions for your Reels.

8. Try Keeping Your Reels Short

Even though Instagram Reels have a maximum length of 90 seconds, you don’t necessarily want to make them that long.

Try aiming for 10 seconds or less, as the average Reel watch time is only 8 seconds. To keep them there and prevent them from scrolling, try to grab their attention in the first two seconds.

People are likelier to watch your Reels through to the end if you keep them brief and have a strong hook. 

9. Add in Captions and Thumbnails

Captions are a great way to get your Instagram reels 10k views free. You must keep in mind that many people are watching your videos silently.

Additionally, people will click off your reels if you don’t have captions because they will hear someone else’s audio.

Include captions; You can even use one of the many available generators. This will boost views and engagement. It is advisable to select your Reel’s thumbnail carefully. A compelling thumbnail, also known as a cover, can increase clickthrough rates and total views.

Reel thumbnails are the same as covers, even though Instagram refers to them differently. Selecting them carefully will increase your views.

10. Ask Questions to Encourage More Views

One of the best ways to increase engagement and get 10k views on reels is to ask questions. Invite viewers to share their experiences in the comments section or to weigh in on a topic pertinent to your Reel.

When requesting feedback from others, be explicit. For instance, if you’re passing through a French city, find out from the locals whether they’ve been there before and what their favorite spot was. They don’t have to consider their response, eliminating the guesswork element in their comments. If you make it this simple to leave a comment, people are more likely to reply.

People enjoy talking about themselves and their ideas, so using this strategy can help you gain many followers. 

11. View Instagram Insights

If you want to create reels that can get 10K views, you need to know what your followers and audience like and when they are online.

What interests your audience, and when do they spend the most time on Instagram? Examine your insights on Instagram.

The reason your Insights tab is such a helpful tool is that it will inform you:

  • Audience demographics
  • When and how many people engaged with your content
  • Views, reach, and interaction for feed posts, stories, and reels

These metrics help you determine the type of content your audience finds most engaging and attention-grabbing.

12. Boost Your Reels

If you have the budget, consider boosting your reels. You can turn any Reel into an Ad for your profile on Instagram. Here’s how:

  • Open your Instagram account and log in.
  • To access your profile page, tap the icon for your profile.
  • Find the Reel you want to boost.
  • Click the “Boost post” button.
  • As you are prompted, establish your budget.

You can almost certainly get 10k views goal if you’re willing to invest money in promoting your reels. This will increase the number of views you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

-How To Get Thousands Of Views On Reels?

Simple ways to get more views on Instagram Reels

1.  Buy Views
2. Focus on Quality, NOT Quantity
3. Add Trending Hashtags
4. Select the Trending Music and Sounds
5. Try to Please the Algorithm
6. Post Your Reels at the Right Time
7. Start Using Special Effects and Stickers
8. Try Keeping Your Reels Short
9. Add in Captions and Thumbnails
10. Ask Questions to Encourage More Views
11. View Instagram Insights
12. Boost Your Reels

-How To Get 100k Reel Views?

To get 100k reel views on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Create Engaging Content: Ensure that your reels are captivating, well-made, and appropriate for the target audience.
  2. Use Trending Music and Hashtags: Add trending music and pertinent hashtags to improve discoverability.
  3. Post Consistently: Consistent posting draws in new viewers and keeps your audience interested.
  4. Collaborate with Influencers: Your reels will reach a wider audience if you collaborate with influencers.
  5. Promote on Other Platforms: Share your IG reels on another social media platforms to drive more views.
  6. Analyze and Optimize: Track performance with Instagram Insights and modify your approach according to what works best.

-How To Get 1000 Views On Reels?

To get 1,000 views on a reel on Instagram: Use trending music and pertinent hashtags to produce interesting content. Share on multiple platforms, interact with comments, and post during busy times.

-How To Get 1 Million Views On Reels?

You must always enhance your content, if you want to get 1 million views on Reels. Every Reel ought to surpass the previous one. However, how can you determine what kind of material appeals to your audience the most? To find out, use Instagram Insights or analytics.

-Why Do My Reels Get No Views?

The reach and engagement of your Reel will be tracked by Instagram’s algorithm. You risk having people become disinterested in your content more quickly if you receive a lot of views from an irrelevant hashtag. Your reach is likely to start decreasing if viewers on the Reel aren’t sending Instagram the correct signals.

-Is 10K Views On Instagram Reels Good?

Any Instagrammer would consider it a success to get 10K views on Reels, especially in the competitive view market with so many other creators.


We hope you liked the information about How Do You Get 10k Views on Reels in 2024. After which, you will not have to face any problem increasing reel views, however, if you want to increase views without hard work in less time. So you can use the Buy Instagram Views India service, in which you have to pay to get Instagram views. After this, the views on your reels start increasing.


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