Instagram Is Testing The Ability To Leave Comments On Particular Frames In A Carousel Update - Followerbar


Instagram has now started adding the ability for users to mention specific content in carousel posts when commenting. To do this, users can now use “@” followed by the number corresponding to the placement of a photo or video in the carousel and then type their comments and post.


The number of the quoted image or video will appear in the comment along with a carousel icon. However, new updates keep coming on Instagram. But your Instagram followers have not increased yet. So now you need to quickly buy Instagram followers India, which can save you from struggle.


According to Canadian creator and marketing/brand strategist Brent Colmer, the feature appears to be exclusive to a small subset of users.


Why It Matters: Meta recently confirmed it’s testing the ability for Instagram users to upload up to 15 photos or videos in a carousel post, up from 10.


Understanding this detail, the new comment update is quite easy. With the ability to now create longer carousels, creators and brands on Instagram will have more room to share more content in a single post, which includes product catalogs, how-tos, mini video blogs, before and after shots, educational content, and simple photo dumps. This means users will have more content to consume and respond to.


Instagram will allow users to specify a particular photo or video in a carousel post. Then Instagram enables them to understand what their comment is referring to, including meaningful comments. It can also be valuable because by doing this, you pay more attention to what the audience likes.


For example, I often share my hiking experiences on Carousel. If I get comments on individual images in that carousel after this feature launches more widely, that might help me determine what types of shots viewers find more engaging. I can use this in the future when choosing images for my carousel.


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