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This is the biggest social media topic this week. Meta is now actively restricting access to political content, requiring users to manually opt-in to see politics-related posts in their main feed, after which Only then can you start seeing posts related to politics.


Although this was the most important topic in the industry, the news that Princess Kate had cancer was probably the main topic of conversation. And the two are connected. Are you still struggling to grow followers? So take buy Instagram followers India service now and enjoy!


I’ll explain.


Let me begin by discussing the limitations of meta on political news. However, when one platform updates something new, other platforms also bring similar updates. In fact, since 2021, Meta has been deliberately distancing itself from politics and news, so this has been going on for some time.


Why? Because for Meta, political discussions are becoming a problem and then the company has come under intense scrutiny and has been slapped with various fines due to its role in political campaigning.


In 2019, Meta was fined $5 billion over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In addition to allegations that Facebook was being used to influence voters’ decisions based on their psychological tendencies, Meta has been accused of political bias in its trending topics and moderation decisions. Access borders and other areas. It has also been the subject of investigation in relation to Russian-based influence campaigns, particularly in the run-up to the 2016 US election.


In fact, this is not a celebratory situation for the company; it could allow more content, either. And it could face charges of undermining democracy, or it could impose more sanctions, and face similar charges.


But now active users of Facebook and Instagram themselves are telling Meta that they do not want to see divisive political content in their feeds.


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