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WhatsApp is now rolling out a new user option, enabling you to pin a message or message element within a chat. This feature provides an easy way to give more importance to certain discussions or reminders within your WhatsApp stream. We are talking about WhatsApp here, but if you want to increase your IG followers, now choose the Buy Instagram Followers India service from Followerbar.


When you pin a chat to a WhatsApp stream using this feature, the chat will be listed at the top of your window. Since members keep scrolling, it will be easy to reach and interact.



In the Pin feature, WhatsApp has allowed you to pin any chat for 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days, and you can easily pin polls, images, emojis, etc.


It provides a convenient way to direct members’ attention toward important events, schedules, interactions, and more.


This feature may be more important for those who like to chat in WhatsApp groups while being online. Anyone can pin important tasks to remember if your workgroup has a pending project date. So, in some ways, placing a constant reminder at the top of a chat can be useful.


Now, users might be wondering where the pinned chat feature is available. Let us tell you that the pinned chat feature is available in both individual and group conversations. Group administrators can decide whether all members or only administrators can use the chat pinning functionality.


To pin a chat on WhatsApp, users can long press on a conversation element and then select “Pin” from the menu.


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