Although you know that today everyone is interested in watching videos on YouTube. But some people are only interested in creating their videos on YouTube. In which he keeps on growing himself and the channel. But we have to work hard to increase 10k youtube likes. However, today there will be no person who does not know YouTube because YouTube is considered to be the second-best search engine after Google. In which we search our queries and watch the video according to our own.


So now let’s talk about 4 ways to increase 10k youtube likes. Then I want to tell you that there has been a lot of hard competition on YouTube in today’s new era. Because of this, a new YouTuber has not been able to increase the likes on the videos of his channel. So today we will tell you 4 ways to increase 10k likes on youtube. After knowing which you can easily increase your YouTube videos up to 10k. For that, you have to read this post completely.


 4 ways to increase 10k youtube likes are given below:


Create Keyword-Rich Video Titles


However, if you have a website of your own. So you must know how important keywords are, if you do not know, then I want to tell you that keywords are those. Which are done to search for relevant content.


If we create a keyword-rich video title before uploading our videos. So with this, we can easily increase 10k youtube likes on every video on our channel. But if we post our video without making a keyword-rich video title. So this will spoil our video due to which we will not get to see any response. That’s why we first have to create keyword-rich video titles in our channel which is done by researching keywords.


Use Keywords in Video Description


If you want to boost your channel properly. So for that, we have to make sure that the description of our video is fully optimized which helps us to make our video viral. However, to do this, we have to use keywords in the descriptions of our videos. With this, we can easily reach our video to more viewers, due to which our increase 10k youtube likes.


Tag Your YouTube Videos


You should know that tags in YouTube videos are a great way to categorize your video content. Whereas it helps YouTube to understand what your videos are related to. So we should upload our video with a proper title and description.


If you do not know which tags we should put in our YouTube videos. So you can also apply your tags through your keywords. You put in the tags before uploading your video, which benefits you a lot.


Optimize Your YouTube Thumbnail Image


Along with applying the tags, it is very important for us to pay attention to the thumbnail of our videos as well. Because when the first interface of the user is our thumbnail. Only after watching the user clicks on our video and sees it. So that you can see the benefits on your YouTube channel. You have to create a separate thumbnail for each of your YouTube videos so that you can increase 10k likes on youtube.




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