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As you must have understood by seeing the title given above, today we will tell you about 10 ways to increase IGTV views. By using IGTV on your Instagram, you will be able to easily increase the number of views on your IGTV videos. But to do this we have to understand everything properly on our Instagram account. Only then will you be able to increase the views on your IGTV videos. And today we will also tell you about the paid method. In which you only have to buy IGTV Views, which will benefit you a lot.


So let’s now talk about 10 such ways to increase views on Instagram IGTV. With which we will definitely be able to increase the views on our IGTV videos. For this, we have to read this article completely, only then we will be able to understand.


  1. Use Hashtags


Who does not know hashtags in today’s time of social media? Because hashtags are such a way for us to achieve anything on any social media. Using this we can boost and grow our account very easily. But if we want to get more views on our IGTV videos. And if we want to make it viral, then we should use hashtags inside our IGTV videos. Due to this the number of views on our videos will automatically increase.


  1. Share your IGTV on your Stories


If we want to bring more views and engagement to our IGTV. So when we post our IGTV videos, we should post our IGTV videos inside our Instagram stories. Because many Instagram users don’t have access to your IGTV videos. Even if she leaves, she might not be able to see it, so we post our IGTV videos on our Instagram stories. Because most Instagram users are more interested in seeing the stories of others. So when you share your IGTV videos in Stories, more and more people will be able to see your videos.


  1. Mention in Instagram Live


As you all know that every social media platform has the facility to go live. In which we can easily chat live with our audience. In the same way, we can easily promote our IGTV videos inside Instagram as well. And take their opinion from people and make new videos of their own. So that our audience is satisfied with us, we can benefit a lot by coming live on Instagram.


  1. Promote on other platforms


If we want to increase views on IGTV video in our Instagram in other social media also. We should promote our IGTV videos on other social media platforms. How do we do this, then we have to promote our IGTV videos by sharing them on other social media accounts. So that viewers on your other social media accounts can also watch your Instagram IGTV videos easily.


  1. Use Attractive Thumbnails


Just as we create thumbnails for our YouTube videos so that our videos can get more IGTV likes because of that thumbnail, similarly for Instagram when we post IGTV videos, we should get more likes on our Instagram. An attractive thumbnail for IGTV should be created, after applying it to your IGTV videos, you will easily see an increase in the number of views on your video.


  1. Show Preview on Your Profile


Usually, many people don’t visit your profile, they go directly inside IGTV to watch IGTV videos and choose the video according to their need, however, to make it easier for people to find your videos, we need to visit our profile. We have to give a preview as well as an attractive thumbnail to start our view.


  1. Collaborate with Other Content Creators


You must have seen many times that two popular Instagrams make videos with each other, because both are popular on Instagram, so they cooperate with each other to increase their audience further so that both do video each other and We upload photos to our Instagram account. , so if we want to reach more audiences, we have to collaborate with some big content creators to see our Instagram account and IGTV videos increase in views as well.


  1. Stay up-to-date with trends


Creating videos on new trends is an effective way for us to get more views on our IGTV videos. You would know that every day a new trend comes inside Instagram, seeing that all the content creators make videos on it so that we can see their more engagement, so we should stay up-to-date with the trends so that we can easily Make our IGTV videos according to our Instagram trend, then our video will start getting more views


  1. Post at the right time


As you know that more people will see our Instagram IGTV video then our views will also increase but we have to tell our audience that we upload any of our posts in one go because inside Instagram we have to share our IGTV But our Instagram audience is most active whenever we can get the most views, so we have to first find out the most active time of our Instagram audience and then by creating that particular time, we can create any post in our Instagram account and you can upload.


  1. Paid Promotions


Instagram ads can be a beneficial thing if you want to get more views in your IGTV videos. However, unfortunately, we cannot promote our IGTV videos as commercials. Because Instagram does not allow this if you want to get more views on your Instagram IGTV in less time. So with the steps mentioned above, you can easily increase the views.


You can only promote paid videos for your Instagram IGTV videos by running ads on your Instagram. This allows Instagram to easily pass on ads from your IGTV videos to other Instagram users from your account. And we have to pay more attention to video quality and content to increase views on our organic IGTV videos, which will give us more views. Or we will also be able to increase the number of views in our Instagram IGTV videos in less time by buying IGTV views in a paid way.




As we have told you about 10 ways to increase views on Instagram IGTV. After knowing that you can definitely increase the views on IGTV videos in your Instagram account. For that, you have to follow the steps mentioned above correctly in your Instagram account.


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