How To Use Creator Studio Facebook And Instagram

Would you be curious to know how to use Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram? So it is a great tool especially for businesses, brands, companies and marketers. There is increasing competition over marketing efforts by brands and individual creators on social media. Most businesses try to promote through social media as there are many good marketing options available. By using the right marketing strategy you can easily take your business to greater heights. So the Creator Studio app is a great way to strengthen your strategy.

On this dashboard you can easily analyze and monitor the performance of both platforms. You also have the option to publish content and analyze its performance. In this article we will tell you how to use Creator Studio for Facebook? In this guide you will learn about its main features, which when used properly, can help you create powerful creator profiles.

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Key Features Of Facebook Creator Studio

Once you access Facebook Creator Studio, you will see some features displayed on your computer screen. Which includes these 6 elements.

  • Create a new post: Option to access quick shortcuts to the post creation tool.
  • Recommendations: There are also options to get personalized recommendations for the pages you visit.
  • Insights: You can measure and analyze your performance overview. (last 7 days)
  • Monetization: View a summary of your estimated earnings. Available to eligible users only.
  • Recent Posts: Review, views, and engagement metrics for posts you published, scheduled, or drafted in the last week.
  • Post Status: Get a high-level summary of your posting activity over the last 28 days.

How To Use Creator Studio For Facebook And Instagram

So now that you are familiar with the features of Facebook Creator Studio, let’s see how to use Creator Studio for Facebook? You have learned about Creator Studio and its features, so let’s now learn about its basic uses. Using Creator Studio, businesses can easily create and publish their products and services through posts. With this they can measure the performance of their posts and analyze engagement. So let’s take a look at their main uses.

You Can Create Posts

Creator Studio for Facebook lets you publish and schedule posts. You’ll see this option under “Create Post” in the upper left corner of the page. In this you can decide what to post, however in creating a post you will get only text post, video and pictures.

To publish a Creator Studio post for Instagram, tap “Create Post” on the left corner of the dashboard. Then a drop down menu will open, then select your post type from those options. After choosing the type, you also have the option to publish the posts and save them in draft. Therefore, if you want, you can post now or even after saving it in draft.After this you can upload photos and videos for your post. 

Along with this, you will also have to add title and description in your post. Meanwhile, if you do not want comments on your post, then you will also get the option to turn off comments in the settings. Additionally, the Go Live option can also trigger live video broadcasting.

Content Is Easy To Find

In Facebook Creator Studio you can see great options like Content, Planner, Inbox, Insights, Rights Manager, Creative Tools, Preferences, and Monetization. You can also perform overview analysis of your published posts, search for posts based on the time of their content, and assess any specific posts. However if you want to analyze each content you can filter based on content format. Facebook Creator Studio gives you the best facility to find content without any hassle.

Knowing Your Insight

How to Use Creator Studio on Facebook? Its most important use is its “powerful insights” for you. In which you can easily analyze the performance of social media accounts with the help of data and analytics tools. Facebook Creator Studio gives you valuable insights about audiences, posts, and content engagement. That is why it is a great tool for business purposes in which you can assess and make improvements as per requirement.

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In Closing

How to Use Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram? For this, we have told you the features and usage methods of Creator Studio. But if your purpose is not limited to just assessing business and creative accounts, then we will tell you one more pro tip.

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can make money by monitoring brand collaborations using Creator Studio for Instagram and Facebook. However, if you want, you can buy Instagram followers India and buy Facebook followers India right now. Because there are many opportunities in managing social activities.


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